Puzzle: Mulex Copan Coffee Machine

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Stormdrain Maintenance Tunnels
Level infra_c7_m3_stormdrain
Type Flood Door Operation, Exploration
Connections Progression, Achievements
Video No video yet.

A locked flood door in stormdrain blocks the way forward. The nearby door control panel has been refurbished into a coffee machine, and it's missing some components.


  • Acquire a sledgehammer from the steam pipe room to break the loose bricks.
  • Manipulate valves to stop steam obstruction.

The valve connected to the steam pipe is behind some barrels.

  • Install two fuse, a red valve, and a purple valve to the coffee machine.

The first fuse is inside a box in the steam room, a red valve can be loosened from a red pipe inside the same room. The purple valve is just outside the steam pipe room. The second fuse is on the shelves next to the coffee machine.

  • Switch on the engines, put coffee in the first hatch, select a secondary ingredient for the second hatch, and press the third button from the top next to "Bobby".

According to the chalkboard, the third button functions to open the flood doors. (FD)

  • Turn the valves to change the signal lights until the green light stops blinking. (Varies for each secondary ingredient)
  • Press the big red button to brew the coffee and open the flood door!

Alternate Method

This method will award the Ach specialingredient.jpg Achievement.

  • Brew and drink 3 cups of the "special coffee".

The red special ingredient canister can be located beneath the table where the sledgehammer is found.

After finishing the third hallucination, the flood door will have opened.