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Map Name watertreatment
BSP Name infra_c5_m1_watertreatment
Stalburg Map watertreatment
Photo Spots 17
Corruption Spots 4
Repair Spots 2
Mistake Spots 1
Geocaches 2
Water Flow Meters 0
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The entirety of the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant, a series of several buildings responsible for treating and testing Stalburg's water for contaminants. An office building that monitors the flow of water in the dams, tunnels, and other water treatment plants in Stalburg is also on the premises. This map elaborates on several puzzles to be solved in a large area, and is the second water treatment plant Mark can choose to repair.


Prior to the events of INFRA, one of the water treatment plant's new grit clarifiers broke, this resulted in water contamination rising well below acceptable levels. The opening of an Osmo Olut brewery next to the treatment plant caused a number of employees to ignore their work to get drunk. The contaminated water was evidently distributed and fish began to die off in the nearby canal waters from the polluted water and a visible chemical spill.

Mark enters the facility to learn of the ramifications from the Bergmann tunnel collapse, but finds his path to the office building is obstructed by keycard-locked doors and several gates. Mark once again has the choice of proceeding through the plant with minimal difficulty, or attempt to repair the plant's water purification system. After entering the plant's office building, Mark finds the entire facility is empty, and the water flow monitor reports that the water flow has stopped in all tunnels. He calls Paul Lauwens to report the situation, and discovers that the Two Gorges Dam is also in bad shape, Paul becomes worried about the rising water pressure, he tells Mark to head back to the NCG offices to determine their next course of action, and gives him directions to a nearby metro station through an underpass. Mark exits through the back of the office to the connecting canals.


Pitheath Water Treatment Plant[edit]

The Pitheath Water Treatment Plant is part of Stalburg Water, and responsible for purifying the water pumped out of the tunnels into clean water. It has been relatively well maintained, but has developed severe problems over years from neglect of its machinery and buildings. For example, one of the plant's secondary clarifiers hasn't been maintained in ages, the chlorine building has sprung a deadly leak, and the software running the grit classifiers is corrupted. Furthermore, one of the buildings has several concrete faults and clearly hasn't seen use in years judging from the Employee of the Year award which has not been updated for three decades, and a newspaper from when the Stalburg Steel Factory shut down on a desk.


A small laboratory used to test quality in water samples. The staff employed here were notorious for getting drunk, and possibly high on the job. There's a outbreak of green mushrooms in the storage room, and a laced kebab roll Mark can eat to have a brief psychedelic trip. Mark can also produce additional corruption evidence by taking a contaminated water sample here to an analysis machine and documenting the results.


Icon Name Description
Ach notsofreshwater.jpg Not so Fresh Water Analyze a water sample at the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant and document the result.
Ach purification.jpg Purification Fix all the problems at the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant.

Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach removekebab.jpg Remove Kebab Eat the kebab roll at the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant.
Anarchist.jpg Anarchist Disregard the office rules at the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant.




  • If Mark fixed all the problems in the Pine Fell Water Plant, an email in the Stalburg Water office building from Roman Banis will change to acknowledge the repairs.
  • A "SUMMER CAR CENTER" sign can be seen in the background, which is a reference to the old Loiste Interactive office that was located in the same office space as the former Sunny Car Center. The sign is also a tribute to another Finnish game, My Summer Car.