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The entirety of the Stalburg Central Water Plant, a massive underground facility with several connecting Bergmann and minitrain tunnels. This is the third and final water-treatment plant Mark encounters and can optionally repair, as well as the most complex.


Several events took place prior to the start of INFRA, an illegal flushing line was constructed in the plant that made it possible to flush the sewers with fresh water, hazardously connecting the sewage pipes with the main water supply. Various problems also rendered the plant's primary flocculation pool inoperable. At some point, Robin was fired from Stalburg Water after causing several issues with the freshwater systems, and another employee with moonshiner contacts was transferred to the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant.

An employee of the water plant, Tomas Balog became interested in the levels of pollution of the potable water of Stalburg. He acquired several documents that confirmed that the cause of a contaminant was a uranium mine built near the water source, and several board officials of Stalburg Water were bribed into approving its construction.

During the events of INFRA, plant operators noticed the lack of water coming in from the Bergmann tunnels, they considered pulling water from the reserve for the city, but didn't finish configuring the settings for treatment.

Later that day, Mark would arrive. After accessing another section of Bergmann tunnels, he finds his route back to the metro tunnels is blocked off, and must take a detour through the Central Water Plant. Another hallway caves in, causing a natural gas pipe to burst and ignite. This resulting explosion nearly kills Mark and activates the fire alarm. After resetting the alarm system. Mark calls Paul Lauwens to inform him about the metro tunnel collapse, exasperated at the dangers he's been put through. Paul is relieved to hear Mark's alive, and asks if he can get out of the water plant, to which Mark replies that he'll call him when he's out.

Mark explores the complex, and finds the only exit is through a flooded minitrain tunnel that can only be accessed by draining the sewer pipe. Mark can choose to simply activate the sewage pump or attempt to redirect the sewage flow without contaminating the raw water or flocculation pool, and supply Stalburg with fresh water. After the flood door is open, Mark rides a minitrain out of the water plant.


Stalburg Central Water Plant[edit]

The Stalburg Central Waterplant is a treatment plant responsible for processing water from nearby sources and purifying it to potable standards. The plant is inexplicably unpopulated and in some disrepair. The flocculation pool is broken and water is no longer flowing from the Bergmann tunnels, but most of the machinery and pumps are undamaged. The employees of the plant note that the CEO of Stalburg Water, Roman Banis, is largely ignorant of the problems at the facility.


Icon Name Description
Ach reserve.jpg Reserve Supply the city with fresh water.




  • If Mark repaired the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant, another email from Roman Banis will change to acknowledge Mark's presence and work there.
  • An out of place rubber duck can be seen next to the collapsed Bergmann tunnel in the raw water reservoir.