Walter Corporation

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Walter Corporation
mapimage:Walter Corporation
Company Walter Corporation
Status Defunct
Industry Construction
Key People Jeff Walter (deceased)
Locations Walter Building

Walter Corporation (or Walter Co.) was a company founded by Jeff Walter some time after 1945. Before Walter became known as a puppet for the local government, he was credited as the one who "Practically built Stalburg". The problems started to show when the S.N.W. and local government got hands in the company, and aimed to bankrupt Bergmann, Hammer Valley Hydro and Stalburg Steel for different reasons.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the founding of Walter Co. but it is assumed that it was founded some time after WW2 as one of the 4 companies that helped rebuild Stalburg. The companies CEO, Jeff Walter, was a respected man in Stalburg until the 1970s when his company started construction on the Walter Co. Tenements in Obenseuer, which were built with subpar quality cement that was sometimes even mixed with dirt to save costs. Johan Stalberg was inspecting this and filed a report, but he was dismissed. His document can be found in a trash can in the map Service Tunnel, probably disposed of by someone at the Walter Tower. Taking a picture of it counts as corruption evidence. When construction on the Obenseuer Tenements ceased after Alex Hartman killed Max Koller and Jeff Walter in cold blood at Rosenthal's Villa, the Tenements became populated by homeless people who created their own little community. Later, Obenseuer was used as a place where homeless are taken against their will to "clean" the streets of Stalburg. Rumor has it that Jeff Walter was heavily influenced by the local government, which used his company as a cover up to bankrupt companies that were in possession of sensitive documents and many other things of interest. The S.N.W is also very close to Walter Co. and used Walter's money as funding for the bunker and the nuclear weapons they where developing. The Walter Tower was bought by Osmo Olut in January 2017 where they set up their new HQ.

INFRA[edit | edit source]

Walter Co. is mentioned all throughout INFRA, and Mark is directly informed about Jeff Walter in many locations some of which are in the Hammer Valley dam, Bergmann Power Plant and many others. At one point Mark accidentally sets off a trap under the Walter Tower that was left there by Alex Hartman to try to kill Jeff Walter. One of the most notable locations however is in the Walter Tower where Mark listens to a recording of Jeff Walter where he claims that he is innocent. Other appearances come from documents all over INFRA.

Gallery[edit | edit source]