Villa woodboxes

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Small writing was found on 2 up-side-down boxes in the villa office. These boxes have green stamps on them and their models are named props_dam/hartman_woodbox_001 and props_dam/hartman_woodbox_002.

The Green stamp on the box looks like Zuntti's Logo.

Hartman woodbox 1.png Hartman woodbox 2.png

Hartman Woodbox1 Code.png Hartman Woodbox2 Code.png

The writing on the first wooden box says "1 M 22 2 Y" and the writing on the second box says "12 2 B 1 13 17". The second box has been confirmed by Zuntti, when he replied to Willisika's coded query.


Theory 1:

12 2 B 1 13 17 = ALBERT

1 M 22 2 Y = EMILY

12=A, 2=L, 1=E, 13=R, 17=T, 22=I

This theory would make Zuntti's reply to the question "where is AH?" make sense.

Responses from Zuntti[edit]

When presented with the question "WHERE IS AH" encoded in Wasteland Notes code, Zuntti replied "12 2 B 1 13 17". This confirms the woodboxes are of high importance and elevates them to a high priority target.