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The Villa paintings are a series of paintings located in the map villa, some paintings are connected to the ARG.

One of the painting seems to have red markings around the lower half of the painting that cannot easily be seen.

  • It's a number 4 and a 3-letter word with the second letter crossed out. Looks like 4 MAN?
  • It could mean FOR(4) NO(Cross) MAN(Word Man)
  • The wings of the machine at city gates, and four beings that are not men.

Clues[edit | edit source]

Villa painting 002 skin3.png
This image is the Portrait of Johann Dietrich Heumann, by Anton Raphael Mengs.

Brightened version with markings only, (credit to Flaraor ljos)

Villa painting 002 skin3 markings.png

Villa painting 002 skin4.png Johann Liss 002

The painting is an edit done to Johann Liss's cover of Lucas van Leyden's copper engraving titled "Bauer beim Zahnarzt" or "Farmer at the Dentist" in English. The painting originally depicted a farmer having his tooth removed by a dentist, supposedly his wife by his side. The right is the original.

This painting has no visible markings, but one of the faces resembles Mörkö's mask. The wings given to the Dentist are reminiscent of the wings given to the machine seen in city gates.