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Are blue shrooms ONLY for healing diseases, or can they do more?

If the Green ones are so toxic, how can everyone like them? -They are hallucinogenic, give people a break from realty. And most likely addictive

What did the Shrooms do to the Mörkö in tenements?


Jeff Walter[edit]

Is he still alive? Villa living room tape suggests otherwise


Is Mörkö Guarding the Underground City?

Who created him?

Is he a Robot? (Damage to him seen in stormdrain suggests that)


The Underground City[edit]

Does it actually Exist? "ee_city_gates"

What is the Underground Justice?


Mikhail Rosenthal's Villa[edit]

If Hartman killed Koller and Walter in the living room, where are the traces of blood? Even if he cleaned it there should be something left, they're all carpeted floors.

Where are the bodies?

Who defaced the paintings, and why?

What do the paintings represent? The clown picture with the marked forehead and bloodied face might be Koller; but who or what are the Mörkö thing and the green woman in the other painting?

Hartman first sends off Kleinmann, then shoots Koller. He kills Walter last. After Hartman shoots Walter, a voice is heard saying "Why did you do that!? This wasn't supposed to happen!" To which Hartman answers "It is over." If Kleinmann had already left and only Hartman was left alive, who was the other voice?

What is the black substance on the table? Blood may turn brown over time, but not black. The black substance is apparently blood. Maybe it does not look as black on systems other than mine.

What was the purpose of the polonium-210 in the villa? Was it Walter's or Rosenthal's? And who was meant to be poisoned with it?

Why does the villa key say "Byro" on its label? "Byro" = Office

Was Walter infected with SMV? His poor health suggests so, as do the green shrooms growing on the bathtub and utensils he used.

The ship model in the dining room looks suspiciously like the SNW steamer. Why is it here?

Who is the man in the picture in the office? Not Rosenthal or Walter. Rosenthal's father?

The doors that were left open, the fallen chair, and the candlestick, suggest something violent happened in the dining room. What was it? Who was involved?

What were the "rumours" about the Rosenthal house? The scouting party of Turnip Hill may know them, but I don't.