Tutorial:Remnants playtest setup

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This is a short guide on how to set up INFRA for playtesting Remnants of the Old World. Please note it will only work on INFRA Playtest builds.

Step 1. Enable developer mode on INFRA by right-clicking INFRA in your Steam library, selecting properties, clicking on "Set launch options...", and then type "-dev" into the box. Press OK and close the Properties box.

Step 2. Place the infra_dlc1 folder that is inside the .zip into the steamapps\common\infra folder on your computer.

Step 3. Launch INFRA, and press the tilde (`) key to open the console. You can either run under by typing "map remnants_c1_m1_under" and pressing enter, or you can run house by typing "map remnants_c1_m3_house" and pressing enter.