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Linking your Stalburg Wiki account to your Discord Account[edit]

Linking your Wiki and Discord account gives you important benefits, such as having your contributions recorded by the bot and attribution. To link your accounts, you need to have a wiki account with a username exactly matching your Discord username (not your server nickname). If your username does not match, you must contact a Wiki Admin or member of Loiste Staff to have your account renamed.

Then, you need to place the Profile template on your user page, if you haven't done so already. You can access your User page by clicking on your username in the top bar.

Here is the template:

{{Profile|username=Sample Name|title=Community Member|discordid=Sample Discord ID}}

You should replace "Sample Discord ID" with your unique Discord identifier, which you can get by running the bot command !showid.

After placing this on your profile, you can link your Discord account with the command !linkwiki.