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Map Name tunnel3
BSP Name infra_c3_m3_tunnel3
Stalburg Map tunnel3
Photo Spots 16
Corruption Spots 5
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 0
Water Flow Meters 1
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The next section of Bergmann Tunnels that Mark is sent to inspect. Parts of the tunnel have natural cave formations, but most of the tunnel sports severe structural flaws. This map contains a lengthy action sequence that spans across the next map, with many risky photography spots.


Prior to the events of INFRA, the bankruptcy of the Bergmann Group left the tunnels abandoned, leaving Erik and Robin responsible for its maintenance. Erik at some point decided to retire, leaving a note for Robin expressing his sentiments of him and the tunnels. This section of tunnels were later inhabited by smugglers. Two of the smugglers were former owners of Morning Wood Co. and the Hammer Valley Sawmill, who would use a makeshift raft to smuggle gallons of "pontikka" moonshine through the tunnels to a distributor in Open Sewer.

When Mark arrives back underground, he finds many of the hallways have collapsed, with the main water tunnel being completely obstructed. Most of the smuggling tunnel has collapsed, resulting in debris everywhere. The only way forward is on the smuggling raft the smugglers left behind. Mark steers carefully through a long sequence in which he must avoid crashing the raft, and sails it to the calmer but claustrophobic caverns.


Bergmann Tunnel (cont.)[edit]

This section presumably connects with the earlier section of Bergmann tunnels, and isn't in any better condition. The repercussions of the collapse Mark indirectly caused can be seen here, although it is unclear how much of the damage is due to the collapse and how much is the result of poor structural support.

Sauna Hideout[edit]

The Sauna is one of two push-off points used by the moonshine smugglers in the Bergmann Tunnels. It is a makeshift sauna built on the water, with a rickety raft docked at it. It seems recently inhabited, with several bottles of beer and a lawn chair outside of the actual sauna room and disgustingly, a makeshift toilet above the water. It has a map of the tunnel posted on the wall, and a note for the person responsible for driving the raft. Inside of the actual sauna is nine 10-liter canisters of "pontikka" moonshine, a 146 proof liquor.


Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach enjoyicecoldosmoolut.jpg Enjoy Ice Cold Osmo Olut Experience the effect of Osmo Olut.





  • A hidden bottle of Osmo Olut along a pipe can be drunk to induce a hallucination of a room, tables full of Osmo Olut.