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Map Name tunnel2
BSP Name infra_c3_m2_tunnel2
Stalburg Map tunnel2
Photo Spots 9
Corruption Spots 6
Repair Spots 1
Mistake Spots 3
Geocaches 2
Water Flow Meters 0
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The Pine Fell Water Plant is a newer water pump station built upon an older piping station serving Stalburg. In stark contrast to other infrastructure, it's far cleaner and more modern than the tunnels and dam. This area is a way station for Mark between the now collapsed Bergmann Tunnels and the next set of tunnels. The player can continue through the area with minimal effort, or choose to repair the plant.


Before the events of INFRA, Marko, an employee at the plant, sent water samples to Pitheath Water Treatment Plant for contamination levels. The results showed the samples had detected metal contamination and high bacteria levels in the water pumping through the Pine Fell Water Plant, no doubt due to the opening of a new mine. One one of the engineers working at the plant got the results, and told Marko not to share the information, over fears of losing their jobs. Despite this disreputable behavior, the same employee tried to report the damage in the Bergmann tunnels to his boss, but was ignored.

After the collapse of the Bergmann Tunnels, Mark enters the plant to find it empty, he calls Paul again to inform him about the collapsed ceiling in the Bergmann tunnels. A reluctant Paul says Mark should find his way back underground through the water plant. Mark can cut the flow of water in the plant to take a pipe back into the tunnels, or alternatively chlorinate the water, resume the plant's operations, and take a basement route back underground to the next section of tunnels.


The Plant[edit]

The Pine Fell Water Plant is responsible for pumping water from the tunnels below, pre-treating the water for further purification processes, transportation, and observation of the water contaminant levels. Except for a few failures in the concrete and pipes, the plant is in unusually good shape. This can be attributed to its novelty, being recently built upon a far older pumping station below it. Despite this, the water is heavily contaminated, and in need of urgent chlorination.

Mushroom Cave[edit]

Along the side of the Pine Fell Water Plant is a small cave dug into the side of a hill. It is well covered by trees and bushes, but still accessible. It contains a patch of green mushrooms, a geocache, and a note written by an unknown individual. The note makes the first reference to "The Machine," and presumably offers a succinct account of its creation and purpose.


Icon Name Description
Ach betterthanbefore.jpg Better than Before Fix the problems at the Pine Fell Water Plant and get back underground without disrupting the operation.