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Map Name tower
BSP Name infra_c4_m3_tower
Stalburg Map tower
Photo Spots 3
Corruption Spots 5
Repair Spots 1
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 0
Water Flow Meters 0
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Tower is the last map containing the Stalburg Steel Factory. This map shows off an incredibly expansive view of Stalburg from the top of the tower, and later some insight into the downfall of Stalburg Steel.


Before 1981, the company Stalburg Steel was sold to the infamous Jeff Walter. The already salient problems of the company were accelerated into something much worse. Walter Co. worsened working conditions for the employees of the factory, and continuously lowered wages across the board. Workers created a union, went on strike, and the factory was ultimately shut down.

At some point, Alex Hartman visited the area in his crusade against Jeff Walter and left an audio log, revealing Mikhail Rosenthal approached him and supposedly wanted to help him take down Walter.

During the events of INFRA, Mark ascends the tower to repair the cell transceiver in order to call Paul Lauwens. After activating the auxiliary fuses, Mark makes his way back down the tower via an elevator to another dilapidated part of the factory. During his descent, he calls Paul, who informs Mark that the collapse in the Bergmann tunnels has set off a chain reaction, with old tunnels collapsing all over city. He then raises concern over the Two Gorges Dam, claiming the rising water levels are bad news, paired with the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant not answering any of his phone calls. Paul asks Mark to investigate the nearby plant and find out what's happening. Mark continues through the factory to a connected administrative office with minimal difficulty, and exits Stalburg Steel through a building containing sewer pipes that connect directly to the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant.


Stalburg Steel Factory Tower[edit]

The top of the Stalburg Steel Factory has two buildings, one to control the elevator upwards, and another to house the controls of the cellular tower and an industrial elevator. A journal in the elevator machine room suggests one person was responsible for the upkeep of the tower's electronics before the factory's bankruptcy. There's also signs of squatters making their way to the top of the tower, with alcohol and unopened snacks at the top.

Stalburg Steel Administration Building[edit]

The Stalburg Steel Administration Building contains the offices of the management staff, and phones for use of Stalburg Steel employees. Alex Hartman once visited the office after it was abandoned and boarded up, leaving behind one audio tape. Outside of the building is a small turnip farm, owned by a previous employee of Stalburg Steel who had gotten fired after nearly falling into one of the ladles.


Icon Name Description
Ach heavyindustryofthepast.jpg Heavy Industry of the Past Complete the chapter "Heavy Industry of the Past".

Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach lostandfound.jpg Lost and Found Find the lost dock.




NOTE: There may be skipped maps due to the limited amount of collectibles in the area.


  • One of the phones in the administrative office still works, and several numbers can be dialed to change events later in the game.
    • 010 138 2044 is the Osmo Olut customer service line, a short interaction with the representative will send 10 24-packs of beer to the NCG office.
    • 062 792 005 is the number for Aziz's Kebab and Burger, Mark will attempt to order a kebab roll to be delivered to Stalburg Steel with no avail.
    • 000 780 036 is a number that must be discovered from the telephone switchboard nearby, calling it will reveal a voicemail from Xeander Berg to Eric Kleinmann, and counts for corruption evidence.
    • 035 435 435 is the phone number for the owner of the missing dock, visible only on posters from earlier maps. A short dialogue between Mark and the strange man will allow Mark to visit his apartment building for mushroom tea later on.