The Machine

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The Machine
Character of INFRA
mapimage:The Machine
Name The Machine
Status N/A
Gender N/A
Appearances city_gates
Voiced by N/A

The Machine (otherwise referred as to as the "Headless Raven" or "god of the underground") is a machine located somewhere in the underground city. The nickname 'the Headless Raven" is given because the machine supposedly "spits out raven's heads."

The Machine is the source of mystery regarding information on Stalburg Underground.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Information regarding the machine is extremely limited. It's only mentioned twice and seen once in-game through difficult to access means.

The Machine is referred to as a "underground god", and is said to have been created by Andrew Herts, with the intent to "save the poor people" of Stalburg. Herts was helped by seven masked men, these men guarded the 'project', and sought the ingredients the machine ran on, sand, rocks, water, ornis (birds), and humans. Specifics of the note, as to who the masked men are, or the what is "a gift from the upper body" remains unknown.

The Machine is apparently the cause for something unnatural happening in Stalburg involving people being trapped underground.

References[edit | edit source]

INFRA[edit | edit source]

The note directly addressing the existence of the machine is located in a small foliage-covered cave hidden behind the Pine Fell Water Plant.

The note as it appears in-game (left), versus cleaned up version (right).

Paper a4 skin9.png Paper a4 skin9 clean.png


Andrew Herts made the machine
that became a legend in Stalburg-
a creature, once known as the
god of the underground. The
machine runs on five ingredients:
sand, rocks, water, ornis, and (humans?)
Herts made the machine because
he claims to "save the poor people".
The machine is called the Headless
Raven because it spits out raven's
Herts is helped by seven masked
men. They guard the project and
seek ingredients, especially poor
people. They're a gift from the
upper body(?)

("ornis" means "bird").

  • In the S.N.W. bunker, there is a computer displaying encrypted text, which, when decoded, produces part of the text "Homeless People (made the) machine". However, this information contradicts the information in the note, which states that the machine was made by Andrew Herts. A possible explanation is that the machine was actually made of homeless people.
  • In the wasteland, the hidden cellar provides some information about the machine in relation to the "black world".
  • The machine can be physically seen in the "Underground Justice" ending, in which Mark is captured by Stalburg Underground, brought into the underground city, and sentenced to be executed via the machine. The machine's opening is large enough for a man to fit, and kills via decapitation. This suggests the machine's interior may be similar to a guillotine.

Additionally, there is a etching of what looks to be a headless bird above the machine.

Open Sewer[edit | edit source]

  • Several mentions of "the underground god" are present throughout Open Sewer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Machine's entity name in city_gates is "machine_relay".