Sven Olsson

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Sven Olsson
Character of INFRA
Name Sven Olsson
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Appearances None
Voiced by Randy Hames
Company S.N.W
Position Leader

Sven Olsson was one of the main leaders for the S.N.W. project. Olsson distanced himself from the project and discredited it after discovering how incredibly disorganized and unplanned it was.

According to a tape in the S.N.W. control room in reactor, he blamed the rest of the leaders for imprisoning the scientists out of their own will, which he says was one of the reasons for the project's collapse. Sven Olsson is only ever mentioned in the game through his audiotape and a signature of approval for the bunker found on leaked documents from the NCG's servers. He also conducted his own independent investigation into another weapon S.N.W. was developing: S.M.V.