Sven Olsson

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Sven Olsson
Character of INFRA
Name Sven Olsson
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Appearances None
Voiced by Randy Hames
Company S.N.W
Position Leader

Sven Olsson was one of the board members for the S.N.W. project. Olsson distanced himself from the project and discredited it after discovering what the organization was doing behind his back and how they were acquiring uranium.

According to his tape in the S.N.W. control room, he acknowledged the other leaders forced scientists into working for them, which was one of the reasons for the project's eventual collapse. Sven Olsson is only ever mentioned in the game through his audiotape and his signature of approval can be seen for the bunker found on leaked documents in sewer. Olsson also wrote his own investigation log into S.M.V. revealing all information about S.M.V. was sold to an unknown party.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Reactor Tape[edit | edit source]

"My name is Sven Olsson. I was one of the leaders of the S.N.W. project. This project was doomed from the start. It was so badly planned that I should've realized how badly it was going to end. Instead of trying to get everyone working together voluntarily we- they just forced everyone into this mess. I thought I was doing something good, but then that metro accident changed everything. I found out there were so many things no one told me. Everything I knew about the project was wrong. They designed a biological weapon and sold it to the highest bidder. They don't care about this country. Look at this place. We moved uranium from here to the bunker using Bergmann tunnels. You can control this whole facility from in here, and why? To secretly filch nuclear material..."