Steve Johnson

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Steve Johnson
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Steve Johnson
Name Steve Johnson
Status Alive
Gender Male
Appearances office
Voiced by N/A
Company National Consulting Group
Position Structural Engineer

Steve Johnson is an employee of the National Consulting Group, tasked with inspecting Ploughwedge River and its surroundings.


Steve is first seen attending the meeting in the NCG offices, voicing his expectations of the Ploughwedge river's infrastructure, and isn't seen again until much later.

When Mark arrives back at the Alcista Building, Steve is shown to have injured his leg in a flood door accident, but still remains in high spirits, he wishes Mark luck in reaching the nuclear power plant, and reminds him to take good pictures. Presumably he stays in the Alcista building or evacuates Stalburg due to his leg.


Markku Siltanen[edit]

Steve is a friend of Mark's, spending time outside of work drinking and evidently getting into fights with a local biker gang at Osmo Olut bars. Steve shows concern for Mark if he ends up living in the tenements in Turnip Hill in the "bad ending", and invites him to go out drinking.


  • Steve is inquisitive about the unexplained appearances of many teddy bears around Stalburg, and questions to who put them there.