Stalburg Water

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Stalburg Water
mapimage:Stalburg Water
Company Stalburg Water
Status Active
Industry Water
Key People Roman Banis
Tomas Balog

The Stalburg Water Company operates the Pine Fell Water Plant, the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant and the underground Stalburg Central Water Plant. Stalburg Water is known for mismanaging these water plants. This is why Mark is required to fix some issues before he can proceed through them.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is know about the past of Stalburg Water, but in recent times they have been known for poor water quality because of their drunk and irresponsible work force. The Pine Fell plant seems to be the oldest, and in the worst condition. Next would be the Pitheath Waterplant, where one purifier is completely non functional. The one in the best state is the underground Central Water Plant. The main cause of issues at the Pitheath plant is it's proximity to an Osmo Olut brewery, and the workers are regularly bribed with beer for various reasons.

INFRA[edit | edit source]

Mark has to make his way through all 3 of these water plants. Although he can repair the Pine Fell, Pitheath and Central Water plants and restore them to full functionality, for which he earns the "Better than Before", "Purification" and "Reserve" achievements. However, to earn all achievements regarding the three water treatment plants, he must eat the kebab, check the water sample and bring the drink from the vending machine into the control room in the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant to earn the "Remove Kebab", "Not so Fresh Water" and "Anarchist" achievements respectively.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In the Pitheath Water Treatment Plant Laboratory, a kebab can be found. If Mark eats it, he starts hallucinating while weird sounds play in the background. The achievement "Remove Kebab" is awarded for eating the kebab. If Mark repairs all the Water Treatment Plants, at the end of the game, Stalburg Water CEO Roman Banis is replaced by Elena Farkas, and he is arrested for multiple financial offences.

Gallery[edit | edit source]