Stalburg Steel

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Stalburg Steel
mapimage:Stalburg Steel
Company Stalburg Steel
Status Defunct
Subsidary of
Walter Corporation
Industry Forging
Key People Mikhail Rosenthal

Stalburg Steel was a steel mill managed by Mikhail Rosenthal, and one of the industrial powers vital to Stalburg's infrastructure. The company was bankrupted shortly after being acquired by the Walter Corporation.

History[edit | edit source]

Stalburg Steel was a major employer and economic power, being the largest source of tax income in Stalburg.

In 1981, the S.N.W project sought to bankrupt Stalburg Steel in order to incite unrest in Stalburg's population and enforce martial law and military mandate over civilian legislative bodies, as well as bury sensitive information about S.N.W Rosenthal acquired through his 'criminal connections'. S.N.W managed to influence Jeff Walter to buyout Stalburg Steel through his company, and made a deal that was accepted by Rosenthal and transferred ownership of the company to Walter Co.

At some point after the buyout, the working conditions in Stalburg Steel drastically worsened. Wages became lower and work became more hazardous. One of the workers had an accident and fell into a ladle, and was immediately fried. The miserable conditions prompted the Union of Metal Workers to strike on October 10th, 1981. The strike lasted for 3 days and was unsuccessful. S.N.W. utilized the opportunity to declare bankruptcy and shut down Stalburg Steel.

The repercussions of the shutdown were destructive. Hammer Valley Hydro was left without their biggest client, causing them financial issues. The Metal Workers Union was blamed for the collapse, and the mass unemployment caused civil unrest in Stalburg, prompting the government to allow the military mandate and offer some jobs in the form of "military projects". The loss of jobs left many former workers of Stalburg Steel homeless, and were relocated to Obenseuer against their will.

After the company's bankruptcy, the mill was abandoned, and squatters occupied some places inside the factory. One of them even setting up a makeshift tenement and mushroom farm. Alex Hartman visited the abandoned offices of the factory, where he left an audio log recording the misfortunes that befell Stalburg Steel's workers. Hartman met with Rosenthal, who claimed he wanted to help Hartman find Walter.

INFRA[edit | edit source]

During the events of INFRA, Mark passes through the factory in order to access the cell transceiver on top of the factory. After accidentally activating a blast furnace and running a gauntlet of leaking gas pipes, Mark shuts off the machine and repairs the transceiver. Since the building is abandoned, Mark doesn't have to take any pictures of broken infrastructure, but can still photograph anything of interest.

Gallery[edit | edit source]