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Stalburg's map.

Stalburg is a fictional Baltic city of Hanseatic and Novgorodian origins. It is located in the country "TSL", which acronym is left unknown intentionally.


Early middle ages (before 1200)[edit]

There were small unnamed fishing village in the area of current ‘Fishermen bay’

Late middle ages (1200–1400)[edit]

Hanseatic league and Novgorodian traders founded Stalburg as iron mining settlement, in the area of currently known ‘Old town’. They also constructed small castle to protect the new founded settlement of Stalburg Between 1200’s and 1400’s the settlement grew and granted full city rights. Castle was also expanded.

Renaissance (1400–1600)[edit]

During 1400’s the original settlement suffered great damage during the Stalburg Fire. After the fire the city was decided to be relocated to the current site of the city center at a bay 5km east of the original location due it’s obscure location for port and rough cliffy terrain. The old castle was abandoned and new fort were built to cover the location of the new Stalburg.

Neoclassicism (1600–1800)[edit]

The city started to grow fast and it became wealthy and important harbor and trading city in the Baltic region. Many new sea forts were built to protect the important port. INFRA: Game Design Document

Industrialization (1800–1900)[edit]

The city’s status as important port and iron mines allowed the city to industrialize fast, boosting the city’s growth and economy even more. Many factories were constructed in districts around the times city limits and coast, such as ‘Foundry’. Railroads were also constructed. On the other side of the coin, the fast industrialization caused many people seeking jobs to migrate into the city, faster than new apartments and tenements we’re built, forming slums around the city. During that time the city also suffered some sanitation, pollution and health issues. At the late 1800’s work started on improving the sanitation and water quality. Sewers and water pipes were built under the city and some of them are still operational.

Modern times (1900–)[edit]

At early 1900’s to further improve the water quality (and to response the growth of the city), city contracted Bergmann to construct water tunnel from the northern lakes. During the early 1900’s the slums we’re removed and replaced with proper housing.

Metro system[edit]

The city of Stalburg has 4 line citywide metro system operated by Stalburg Mass Transit. The player will use and visit parts of the metro system during his journey. The metro system is also a way for the player to perceive the scale of the city and his movement relative to it.