Silvia H. Raven

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Silvia H. Raven
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Silvia H. Raven
Name Silvia H. Raven
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Appearances None
Voiced by N/A
Company Raven Research Institute
Position Founder?

Silvia H. Raven is a mysterious character that plays an unknown part in the lore and the ARG.


Her surname can connect her to Raven Research Institute, possibly as a founder or director. Raven's portrait is seen next to Mikhail Rosenthals in the Metal Worker's Union building in metro, implying some connection to Rosenthal or the union.

Raven is also the author of the book "The Tunnel of Water Trees", a book seen throughout the game several times. The book's title is also cryptically written on a faded mural in a cavern in Hammer Valley. Furthermore, the cover of her book has a photograph of someone in a diving suit. The only other occasion a diving suit is seen is during the interrogation in city gates.


  • Although it could be coincidence, Raven's portrait has a marking that goes across her neck. The implications of this and to "The Headless Raven" are only speculative.
  • It's not entirely confirmed that its her portrait in the MWU building, however it is likely since Oskutin posted a message suggesting her identity before quickly deleting it.