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Map Name sewer2
BSP Name infra_c5_m2b_sewer2
Stalburg Map sewer2
Photo Spots 11
Corruption Spots 3
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 0
Water Flow Meters 0
Connected Maps
Previous Map sewer
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A continuation of Stalburg's sewer system from the previous map, as well the temporary headquarters of Alex Hartman. This is the last map of Act 1, and contains another action sequence.


Prior to the events of INFRA, Alex Hartman used this area of the sewers as a makeshift base of operations to plan his vengeance against Jeff Walter, eventually coming to the conclusion that following Max Koller would lead him and Eric Kleinmann to Walter. Hartman also began to doubt Rosenthal's intentions, who didn't seem interested in finding Walter anymore. At some point, Robin performed maintenance in the area, and was unable to repair a flood doors override button, he left a warning to not activate it.

When Mark enters the sewer system looking for an exit, he finds the area in incredibly poor condition. The concrete support beams are damaged and the floor is totally infested with toxic green mushrooms. Mark tries to escape using the flood door override, but causes the total collapse of the area, barely managing to escape before a cave in, but ends up trapped in the control room. Interacting with the control panel causes the ceiling to crumble, and the debris knocks Mark unconscious.


Control Room[edit]

The control room is where Alex Hartman kept his information of Jeff Walter, using a map of Stalburg as an investigation board to follow leads into Walter's whereabouts.



Icon Name Description
Ach freshwater.jpg Fresh Water Complete the chapter "Fresh Water".
Ach theend.jpg The End? Complete INFRA: Act 1