Stalburg Nuclear Weapons

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Company SNW
Status Active
Industry Defence
Key People Sven Olsson
Jeff Walter (deceased)
Xeander Berg (deceased)
Science Team Leader
Locations SNW Bunker
Erzfell Base

Stalburg Nuclear Weapons or S.N.W. (S.N.W in logo) gfis a secret military organization that was founded after the second world war. The goal of the organization was to build nuclear weapons in order to defend their country in the event of another war. The organization was highly secretive and it was unknown to the general public of Stalburg.


Some years after the second world war some unknown military representative contacted Jeff Walter and multiple high ranking officials to start a new organization with a goal to research and develop nuclear weapons in the event of another war. This organization became known as the S.N.W.

The S.N.W. used Walter's funding to build an top secret bunker under the Walter tower and secret reactor control rooms near the Stalburg nuclear power plant reactors, that were used to filch Uranium and smuggle it to The Bunker.

Of course a project of this scale needed plenty of scientists, so S.N.W. operatives practically forced a bunch of scientists including Xeander Berg to work on the project. The scientists were held captive in an accommodation wing next to the laboratory. The scientists were not allowed to contact anyone outside of the project.

During the construction of the bunker they encountered some green mushrooms and set up a small team to investigate them. The team discovered that the mushrooms can cause a disease that eventually leads to a slow death. This disease became known as the S.M.V or Stalburg Mushroom Virus.

During the S.N.W. project the corrupt S.N.W. leaders began to take advantage of Walter's funding to build biochemical weapons (presumably using the S.M.V virus) and sell them to highest bidder. They also used Walter to get rid of three major companies in Stalburg:

  • Hammer Valley Hydro
    • Reason 1: The S.N.W. thought that Hammer Valley Hydro has too many connections to the Bergman group.
    • Reason 2: The S.N.W. wanted to use the Hammer Valley dam as a secondary powersource for The Bunker.
  • Bergmann Group
    • Reason: Bergmann Group has built the majority of Stalburg's underground infrastructure, including several areas around The Bunker. The S.N.W. wanted to use the underground tunnels to defend the city and smuggle Uranium from the SNPP to The Bunker.
  • Stalburg Steel
    • Reason 1: The S.N.W. thought that Stalburg Steel offices contained some sensitive information, which they didn't want to fall into wrong hands.
    • Reason 2: Union of Metal Workers was a major civilian legislative body. Getting rid of Stalburg steel and UMW would grant the military extended mandate over civilian legislative bodies

Metro Accident[edit]

On August 8th 1986 a metro train full of passengers took a wrong turn and ended up crashing into the bunker. The S.N.W. leaders did not want to risk the public knowing about the S.N.W. Project so they executed all the passengers aboard the metro train. This resulted the guards to make stand against the S.N.W. leaders.

Shortly after the accident Xeander Berg and another unknown scientist managed to escape The Bunker and S.N.W. started to search for them with the help of Stalburg police. A day after the escape of Xeander Berg the S.N.W. Operatives evacuated the bunker because of an S.M.V leak was detected. Shortly after the Evacuation the S.N.W. project was shut down and all the S.N.W. personnel were given new tasks.


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