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Map Name reserve3
BSP Name infra_c2_m3_reserve3
Stalburg Map reserve3
Photo Spots 8
Corruption Spots 3
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 2
Water Flow Meters 0
Connected Maps
Previous Map reserve2
Next Map tunnel1

The last expanse of the Hammer Valley area. It contains an abandoned control building which goes along a path to an entrance of the Bergmann Tunnels. This map introduces some unsettling story elements provided the player explores enough.


Mark continues his trek to the Bergmann Tunnels, passing through Hammer Handle Cave. Further ahead, his path is impeded by another gate, which must be operated from the abandoned control center nearby. After switching the gate to the correct settings, he passes through and enters the vicinity of his next inspection target, the Bergmann tunnels. Mark enters through a flood door which immediately shuts behind him, leaving the only way out through the tunnels.


Hammer Handle Cave[edit]

A small cave connecting the path from the dam to the nearby control building. At some point, two people, Hanss and Lukas, passed through the cave in effort to enter the old tunnels, dismissing stories as urban legend. Another note left by the same Lukas can be found in the next map. Their fate is unknown.

Control Building[edit]

A small building that contains a locked-off garage, a small office, and the controls for the gate. If Mark picked up unmarked keys from the caves earlier, he can access the garage of the house, and discover a dead body. The body is covered, and the sheet has an unusual alphanumeric code written on it (related to the ARG). Mark will be alarmed and call Paul, who will contact the police to investigate the body, and tells Mark to continue.


Icon Name Description
Ach justanotherdayatwork.jpg Just Another Day at Work Complete the chapter "Just Another Day at Work".

Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach hartmansstash.jpg Hartman's Stash Find some money hidden by Hartman.