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Map Name reserve2
BSP Name infra_c2_m2_reserve2
Stalburg Map reserve2
Photo Spots 19
Corruption Spots 7
Repair Spots 2
Mistake Spots 4
Geocaches 2
Water Flow Meters 0
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The interior of the Hammer Valley Dam and the surrounding area connecting the valley to the Bergmann tunnels. The player begins to learn about the events that caused the dam to become decrepit through audio logs left by Alex Hartman. Mark's actions here will have an effect on later maps.


Prior to the events of INFRA, Hammer Valley Hydro was one of the key companies in providing power for Stalburg. However, the company ran into financial problems, causing the Alex Hartman, CEO of the company to become stressed and unstable. It wasn't before long the company had to declare bankruptcy, and was purchased by Walter Co. The dam was abandoned, save for use by Hartman for investigating Jeff Walter. The nearby sawmill was also run out of business due to unpaid payments for huge quantities of lumber ordered by a Nigerian scam artist. This also caused the nearby logging company to go out of business.

The dam is Mark's first inspection target, he witnesses the terrible condition and flooded turbine hall of the dam firsthand, and can optionally attempt to reconnect the dam back to the grid and listen to Hartman's audio logs explaining his interpretation of events. After exiting the dam, Mark calls Paul again to update him on the situation, and proceeds through the valley, only to be obstructed by a locked gate. Making a pit-stop to the nearby ranger station for the keys, he continues heading for his next inspection target, the Bergmann tunnels.


Hammer Valley Dam[edit]

The Hammer Valley Dam has not been maintained or accessed by anyone except Hartman in decades. The dam is in terrible condition, with extensive water damage causing leaks and flooding the generator room. Mark isn't required to connect the dam to the grid, but there's no repercussions for doing so anyway.

Hammer Valley Sawmill[edit]

The sawmill has also been abandoned, and much of the machinery is broken due to neglect. The nearby funicular is unstable and a nearby generator room is flooded. The extent of the transportation method logs sent down from Morning Wood Co. can be seen from outside the sawmill.

Hammer Valley National Park[edit]

The park was established in 1965 following the construction of the dam, and provided a number of hiking routes and bird watching spots. A single watchguard occupied a house in the valley, who was entrusted by Hartman with the location of a large stash of money, which the guard forgot later. Said stash can be found in the next map, untouched for over 20 years.


Icon Name Description
Ach stepandjump.jpg Step and Jump At the Hammer Valley Dam, get across the generator room without moving the boxes.
Ach powerofthefuture.jpg Power of the Future Turn on the generators at Hammer Valley Dam and successfully connect the plant to the grid.