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Map Name reserve1
BSP Name infra_c2_m1_reserve1
Stalburg Map reserve1
Photo Spots 16
Corruption Spots 4
Repair Spots 3
Mistake Spots 2
Geocaches 3
Water Flow Meters 1
Connected Maps
Previous Map office
Next Map reserve2

The river area and surrounding infrastructure preceding Hammer Valley Dam. The player starts out and has to get to the Hammer Valley Dam, taking pictures of anything broken or documents of interest along the way. The player is also introduced to the additional objectives to repair certain spots that are broken, or would become broken without intervention.


Mark exits his car, calls Paul to inform him of his arrival and ask for any last minute surveying tips. as to get to the Hammer Valley Dam, taking pictures of anything broken or of interest along the way. Mark can also choose to fix some spots that are broken, or would malfunction without intervention. Mark surveys the nearby power plant, and reaches the top of the dam, proceeding to repair the elevator to get the dam's interior.


Old Power Plant[edit]

This power plant was once being serviced by J.K., but hasn't seen any maintenance in 13 years. One of the generators is broken, and the gate that allows water to flow through also seems to be blocked with sticks and other debris.

Morning Wood Co. Shack[edit]

A small office for a logging zone company. This company's work was cut short, partly due to the Hammer Valley Dam going bankrupt and stopping the flow of logs. This also shows the first signs of corruption, where they never received payment for the logs they sent to the sawmill.

Top of the Hammer Valley Dam[edit]

There isn't much in terms of story here, however it is possible to see the extent of external damage to the dam and where the logs would travel through to reach the bottom of the Dam. Photographing the large crack in the dam slightly changes dialogue in the next map.


Icon Name Description
Ach firsttry.jpg First Try At the Hammer Valley Dam, toss the elevator fuse into the slot from the upper end of the stairs.

Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach foreseenconsequences.jpg Foreseen Consequences What did you REALLY expect to happen?