Reactor lights code

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The reactor lights code is a code formed by the lights on the SNW control panel in Reactor.

It was discovered when Zuntti posted this image related to the INFRA ARG.

2 Remaining.png

This prompted investigation of the lights when Zuntti posted a further image with the lights circled.

These lights are not specific to this image however, and can appear randomly in-game as one of the many light sets the panel can circle through.

This is an image of the lights as they appear in game, for easier viewing.

Reactor lights brighter.jpg

Reading vertically, and stripping off the preceeding R or G, reading only the text under the lit lights we get this string of text:


Stripping out meaningless characters, we get "Other world".

Reading the opposite lights this time, the lights that are dark, we get this string of text:


This can be translated to "Bunker compu(ter), middlquest". Could this mean "Bunker computer, middle quest[ion]?"