Raven Research Institute

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Raven Research Institute
mapimage:Raven Research Institute
Company Raven Research Institute
Status Active
Industry Research
Key People Silvia H. Raven
Locations Underground City

Raven Research is a secretive organization referenced at several minor points. They seem to be located in the Underground City, and are trying to actively stop S.N.W, because they are still developing SMV.

They seem to be in a conflicting ground morally, since while they are trying to help stop SMV, their punishments are extremely harsh, as seen when Mark is executed for his crimes in the Underground City.


At the end of the game Mark will receive an encrypted and signed email from "Raven Messenger" ([email protected]). The content of the message depends on the corruption score throughout the game.

Corruption over 90%[edit]

Raven will be happy he revealed the conspiracy and tell Mark that SMV is still being developed and is spreading, and even offer Mark a job if he wants it.

Corruption over 50% and less than 90%[edit]

Raven will thank him for revealing the conspiracy, but note that there's still some information missing, and that he should send any more information to them.

Corruption over 25% but less than 50%[edit]

Raven will tell him that "we've been keeping an eye on you" and ask why he hasn't told them about the information in the bunker. It says he must send them everything he has, or there will be "consequences", and he will receive instructions shortly.

Corruption under 25%[edit]

Mark will not receive any email from Raven at all, receiving an Osmo Olut ad.