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Map Name rails
BSP Name infra_c9_m1_rails
Stalburg Map rails
Photo Spots 5
Corruption Spots 1
Repair Spots 1
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 2
Water Flow Meters 0
Connected Maps
Previous Map officeblackout
Next Map tenements

The entrance to Turnip Hill and the surrounding highway. Nearby is a small hangar and container yard next to train tracks.


En-route to the Nuclear Power Plant, Mark encounters a roadblock and decides to proceed the rest of the way on foot, but finds the only way forward is through a very unusual tenement complex, entry of which is denied by a "border inspector". Mark will either have to find a six-pack of Osmo Olut beer to bribe the inspector, or get permission from one of the residents to let him in.


Turnip Hill Entrance[edit]

The start of one of the strangest areas in the game, some buttons on the doorbell panel don't work, others get no response, or make weird noises. Only 'Rob' a friend of Robin is helpful and tells the border guard to allow Mark in if Mark saved Robin in the beginning of Act 3. A 'passport' to Open Sewer can be picked up on a chair near the border inspector, while it serves no purpose or use in-game, it can be collected as a trophy to display in Mark's house after the credits.

Hangar Yard[edit]

A off-road train yard near the entrance to Turnip Hill. It appears someone has taken residence in the hangar and a nearby container, the container's occupant has a chatlog open with the hacker leader from Hacker Valley, a USB drive can be collected here for additional corruption evidence.