Puzzle: Underground Water Treatment Plant

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Ach reserve.jpg Fixing the plant will give you another Achievement ("Reserve : Supply the city with fresh water")

After escaping the fire, you will enter the plant and on the monitor you can see its initial state:


Turn off the 4 big flocculation pool pumps:


While the alarm still sounds, open all orange card doors (one will not open):

UWT.3.Fire doors.jpg

In the locker room you will find a green access card:

UWT.4.Green card.jpg

On the first floor, in the men's toilet, is a yellow access card. Do not flush the toilet, or you'll have to restart the map:

UWT.5.Yellow card.jpg

Stop the alarm.

UWT.6.Fire alarm.jpg

Go to the second floor, to the control room and access it:

UWT.7.Control room.jpg

On the desk, yo will find the correct water flow and the water plant key:

UWT.8.Order key.jpg

Find this place and go to the hidden valve room using this path:

UWT.9.path1.jpg UWT.10.path2.jpg

Open the valve of SEWER PIPE 03:

UWT.11.sewer pipe.03.jpg

Find and unlock the raw water pool door:

UWT.12.Raw water.door.jpg

And open RAW WATER to COAGULATION valve:

UWT.13.Raw water.valve.jpg

So far the screen must look like this:


Find the Flocculation start button and push it to start:

UWT.15.Flocculation start.jpg

And the screen must look like this now:


On the floor, where are the 4 pumps there is a grey door to raw water. Unlock it and exit through it:

UWT.17.raw water.entrance.jpg

There are two red handles, one is in the sedimentation room, the other is at the end of the tunnel. Find one of them and grab it:

UWT.18.handle.1.jpg UWT.19.Handle.2.jpg

Find "sewer pipes 01 and 02" shed and enter it:


Mount the handle and open the valve:

UWT.21.Shed valve.jpg

Turn around and activate the pump:

UWT.22.Shed button.jpg

Find Sewer pipe 02 and open the valve:

UWT.23.Sewer pipe.02.jpg

Go to the Sedimentation room and open valve 3 (all must be open):

UWT.24.Sedimentation valve.jpg

Locate the hatch (near the shed entrance) and enter it:


Inside, open the Flocculation -> Sedimentation valve:

UWT.26.Flocculation sedimentation.jpg

If you done everything correct, the screen will look like this:

UWT.27.Final state.jpg

Finally, exit with the minitrain:

UWT.28.Exit minitrain.jpg

Enjoy :)