Puzzle: Pitheath Water Treatment Plant

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Pitheath outside hill.jpg
Pitheath Water Treatment Plant
Level infra_c2_m2_watertreatment
Type Water Pipes
Connections Changes an email at "Waterplant"
Video No video yet

Your goal is to get from this:


to this:


First, grab the blue key card from the mattress on the hill to the right of where you enter the level.

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Go over to the disinfection building, the one to the right of the main building if you are heading down the hill from getting the keycard. Turn the system on. Be quick going in and out, since you will die if you are in there for more than a few seconds.

Pitheathpuzzle2 1.jpg Pitheathpuzzle2 2.jpg

Go outside, to the back of the disinfection building, near the blue van. Enter the storage room and grab the red key card sitting on one of the shelves.

Pitheathpuzzle2 3.jpg

Enter the shack right next to the entrance with the cracked window and turn Sewer Pipe 01 on.

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Next, enter the main building and turn right then take another right and shut off all the steel factory pipes.

Pitheathpuzzle5 .jpg Pitheathpuzzle6 .jpg

Take a left out of the steel factory pipe room and take the next door on the left after you pass the hallway you just used to enter the building. Head to the stairs on the right side of the room, and before going up them, look to your right and turn on the other sewer pipe.

Pitheathpuzzle7 .jpg

Then go up the stairs and push the big red button to start Grit Classifier 01

Pitheathpuzzle8 .jpg

If you did everything right so far, the plant should look like this:


Exit the grit classifier room, take a left, and at the end of the hallway, take a right and enter the first office on the left. One of the filing cabinets has a White Keycard. This will be handy if you want to enter the lab.


Go outside and head over to where the dumpsters are on the right side of the larger building. Enter the door next to the two blue dumpsters.


Turn on both 'grit classifier 02' sewer pipes and head upstairs

Pitheathpuzzle11.jpg Pitheathpuzzle12.jpg

Find the installation CD hidden in one of the boxes upstairs, and put it into the computer CD drive. On the computer, go to 'help', find 'repair' and click on it, wait for it to finish, and then turn on all the sections of the grit classifier 02.

Pitheathpuzzle13.jpg Pitheathpuzzle14.jpg Pitheathpuzzle15.jpg Pitheathpuzzle16.jpg

Exit the area, and enter the building you were just in by using the middle door. Turn on Both Grit Classifiers and the only Secondary Clarifier that works.


Optional: If you want to knock out 2 achievements with one stone (in addition to the one you get by completing this), exit the building, and head over to the lab. There, eat a kebab sitting on the counter, enjoy the trippy colors. Grab a beaker from anywhere on the counters, and bring it to where you just were when you were turning on the Clarifier. Put it in the Water Sampler, and take it out when it's done. Bring it back to the lab, put it in the testing machine, and take a picture of the results as they print out.

Pitheathpuzzle18.jpg Pitheathpuzzle19.jpg Pitheathpuzzle20.jpg Pitheathpuzzle21.jpg

Jump on the rotating clarifier and ride over to the other side. Go down into the blower room, and turn the valve and push the button. The Pitheath Water Treatment Plant has been repaired, and the people of Stalburg now have fresh water to drink.

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