Puzzle: Pine Fell Water Plant

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Pine fell plant outside.jpg
Pine Fell Water Plant
Level infra_c3_m2_tunnel2
Type Water, Piping
Connections None known.
Video Currently in production.

How to fix the Pine Fell Water Plant[edit]

Ach betterthanbefore.jpg Fixing the plant will give you another Achievment ("Better than before")

After entering Pine Fell Water Plant, exit the stairs and turn right. Pass the two big pipes and the first door on the right and go to the second door. there you will find on the floor the Keycard.

1.Keycard location.jpg

After entering in the building, go to the computer room (second floor). On one of the desks there is a key.


Go to the computer on the left and will see this:

3.PC initial.state.jpg

Open the light-blue pipe on the left from pools:

4.PC step.1.jpg

Go to the first floor and find pool 1. It is empty:

5.Pool1 empty.jpg

Press the red button bellow the green light to fill it up:

6.Pool1 filled.jpg

Find the way outside, go to the stairs from where you came and on the right there is a small hut - Chlorination room. Turn it on:

7.Clorine turn.on.jpg

Go back to the second floor and sit again in PC chair. Open both Chlorination valves:

8.Chlorination both.open.jpg

Go to the first floor and turn on both A1 and A2 valves:

9.A1 pipe.on.jpg 10.A2 pipe.on.jpg

Again, go to the PC on the second floor and open Red pipe 2:

11.Red pipe.2.on.jpg

Exit to outside and go to the two big pipes. Open the red valve (red pipe 1):

12.Red pipe.1.on.jpg

Find a blue handle for the blue pipe outside (blue pipe 2) and close the pipe:

13.Blue pipe.2.off.jpg

Back to the Computer to shut off Blue pipe 1:

14.Blue pipe.1.off.jpg

Go to the first floor and close pipes A3 and A4:

15.A3 pipe.off.jpg 15.A4 pipe.off.jpg

Go to pool 4 which now is filled, press the red button next to it to drain it. In the empty pool you will find a key. Grab it. Push again the red button to fill up the pool.

16.Pool4 filled.jpg 17.Pool4 empty.key.jpg 18.Pool4 full.no.key.jpg

Next, open both A3 and A4 pipes:

19.A3 pipe.on.jpg 20.A4 pipe.on.jpg

Go outside and open the blue pipe valve (blue pipe 2):

21.Blue pipe.2.on.jpg

Back to the Computer, open blue pipe 1:

22.Blue pipe.1.on.jpg

Now all valves on the monitor must be green. Next to pool 4 is the next needed door:

23.Exit door.1.jpg

In the basement on one of the walls there is a place for a handle - Do Not Use it!


Next to that handle, there is an important key:

25.Key 3.location.jpg 26.Key.3.jpg

At the first floor there is a door which can be opened with the key we just found:

27.Key.3 openned.by.jpg

Next go to the stairs and head to the basement:

28.Exit door.2.jpg

And here is the level exit: P.S.: It is strongly suggested that you save your game before jumping!


There is a hidden cave behind the entrance of the plant, in which there is a note and a geocache. The entrance can be found here (crouch!):

Hidden.cave location.jpg Hidden.cave inside.jpg

Video is coming!