Puzzle: Outflow Gate Wiring

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West Stalburg Runoff Discharge System Outflow Gates
Level infra_c7_m3_stormdrain
Type Electrical Power
Connections Progression, Optional Path
Video No video yet.

In the stormdrain tunnels, the outflow gates leading to abandoned cistern are malfunctioning. Further inspection shows the switchbox connecting different gates to buttons is wired improperly.


Before attempting to use the switches, the notice next to the switchbox establishes several things.

  • One button can only be hooked up to two gates.
  • Gates 1-3 and Button 2 are broken.

Furthermore, some things aren't explained but are worked out from attempting to solve the puzzle.

  • Blank circuits without switches pass both red and blue currents.
  • Gate 1 is directly wired to Button 1.

Thus, the objective is to wire Gate 4 to Button 1, and Gates 2-3 to Button 2, a task only made difficult by the mangle of cords in the switchbox, and the switches limiting one circuit to another.

This is the correct arrangement of the switches, the first button will become operable.