Puzzle: Hammer Valley Dam

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Hammer Valley Dam
Level infra_c2_m2_reserve2
Type Electrical, Power
Connections Fixing opens part of the bunker
Video Fixing The Hammer Valley Dam - Infra.jpeg

How to get past the Dam (Without fixing)[edit]

After having the elevator carrying you down and nearly killing you, walk along the pretty much only way you have, until you com to a small square room with a locked-off fence on the left.


There is a fuse behind it. Walk a few meters further, and you come to a door on the left. Go in there, crouch, and go through the ventilation shaft.

Elevatro hvdguide.jpeg

Then, turn on the power by pulling the middle switch. The other two are mistake targets, be careful of them.

E room .jpeg

Go to the left, and open the door at the end of the hallway. You get into a huge, flooded room with 2 big generators in the middle.


You can try to hop across the whole room for an extra achievement, or move the boxes to get across easier. The easiest way is to turn the power off again before moving the boxes, so you can move in the water.

Movebox.jpeg Ach stepandjump.jpg

There are also 3 photo spots, one is a broken walkway hanging from the top of the room, one is the water everywhere and one is a crack in the dam (right when you come up the stairs after getting across the water).

If you go to the room which is on the same level, you find a corruption target.


If you go out of the room and up the stairs, you will find a door and the broken walkway again. Go through the door, and then to the left, where you find the a big room after the door.


There, you have a recording from Alex Hartman about what happened to him and his company. There is also a control panel, simply make all yellow lights disappear, and then go out of the nearest door.


Follow the hallway, and then go left, and you will find a staircase. Take a picture of the note from the secretary in the 3rd drawer from the top of the filing cabinet and take a picture of Hartman's wall.

Secretary note.jpeg Hartman wall.jpeg

Go down it, and leave the building, go to the left again and you are done.


How to actually Fix the Dam[edit]

In the control room with the tape recorder:

  1. Press the red button on the desk next to to the tape recorder.
  2. On the left wall, use the left/right arrow buttons on each of the sluice gate panels to bring the generators up to 3000Hz each - a light will go on when they're at the right place.
  3. Press the generator button in between the panels.
  4. On the back wall press the two generator synchronization buttons.

Leave the power plant and head towards the sawmill. In the small hut next to the substation:

  1. Press the two buttons for the generators once to turn them off
  2. Then press them a second time to turn them back on and connect the dam to the grid.