Puzzle: Castle Rock Drawbridge

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Castle Rock Drawbridge Control Panel
Level infra_c8_m5_isle3
Type Electrical Power
Connections Progression
Video No video yet.

A raised drawbridge blocks access to Point Elias. It must be lowered to proceed, however some of the controls aren't working properly.


The button next to the computer serves to raise/lower the bridge, however the signal lights must be changed first. Refer to the log book next to the controls for directions on changing the bridge lights.

The goal is to change both signal lights to the "No access" configuration to indicate boat traffic cannot pass when the bridge is lowered.

Binder 002 skin14.png

  • Using the computer, switch 'Auto' to 'Manual' and 'Remote' to 'Local' and change the upper signal light to red.
  • Return down the stairs and to the left side of the bridge, locate the south lights signal box and change the upper lights to red.
  • Use the button to lower the bridge, and then use the computer to open the bridge gates.

Alternate Method[edit]

  • The code for the light bypass function on the computer is '1234', forgoing having to change the lights and makes the bridge button operable.