Paul Lauwens

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Paul "Boss" Lauwrens
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Paul "Boss" Lauwrens
Name Paul "Boss" Lauwrens
Status Alive
Gender Male
Appearances office
Voiced by Frank Brueckner
Company National Consulting Group
Position Boss

"You did an excellent job today. I have no words to describe how glad I am to have you as my employee".

Paul Lauwrens is the director of National Consulting Group, and serves as Mark's boss. He is one of Mark's main contacts, and is frequently called throughout the game during significant events or discoveries.


Much of Paul's background is unknown. Prior to the events of INFRA, he made a deal with a "certain someone" from S.N.W, in exchange for a director position, Paul would bring any information regarding the S.N.W project to them. Later on however, the NCG servers were compromised by a group of hackers looking into S.N.W after receiving a clue about it's corruption.

Lauwens is also responsible for the accidental destruction of one of Stalburg's historic buildings, a mistake which gained significant press coverage. Although his connections to S.N.W. may insinuate it wasn't a mistake after all. Newspapers alluding to this event can be found throughout Stalburg, and Mark jokes about the event during the pre-inspection briefing at the beginning of the game.


Following the Stalburg corruption scandal in 2015, National Consulting Group won the rights to the greater Stalburg region's repair and maintenance. Inspecting documents given from the city's municipal, most of the documentation surrounding the water-related infrastructure were outdated or missing entirely, as such, Paul sends out Mark, Carla, Amit, and Steve on a field day to survey the damages in the dams and tunnels.

Throughout the game, Mark calls Paul to report various findings, as well as receive new objectives during the course of his journey.

After Mark doesn't report in for some time after their conversation in the Stalburg Central Water Plant, Paul sent out a rescue team to look for Mark, but he eventually manages to find his way back to the NCG offices. In their emergency conference setup, Paul informs Mark about the collapse of the Two Gorges Dam and the danger it presents to the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant. Before a helicopter arrives to take them to the NPP, he asks Mark to get there before they do to inspect the facility, as well as providing him with a better flashlight and radio.

The helicopter eventually arrives and quickly transports Paul, Carla and Amit to the powerplant, where they see Mark driving a boat not far away. Inside the powerplant, Paul will locate the plant's manager, Edvin, who tells them how to prevent a meltdown, and encourages Mark when he attempts to repair the reactor.

In the epilogue, he will call Mark once more to ask how he's doing, and if the "good ending" was achieved, mention NCG has been asked to inspect Whiprock Island, an abandoned prison and seafortress.


Markku Siltanen[edit]

Paul and Mark share a friendly boss-employee relationship, as noted by Carla. At the beginning of the game, Mark teases Paul about accidentally ordering the demolishing of a historical buildings, as well as adding a slide of Paul as a bus driver of a "regional inspection excursion". Paul is more serious on the job, and is hesitant to send Mark into dangerous areas like the Bergmann tunnels, and regularly shows concern over Mark's well-being.