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Stalburg Map officeblackout
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There is one photo spot but it is shared with the previous map
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The Alcista Building revisited, the power around the whole area has been shut off, and only the 2nd floor is occupied by the remaining NCG staff. Maps from here on will noticeably take place at night.


Mark's long trek back to the office is over, he finds his co-workers on the 2nd floor relieved to see he's alive. Paul informs Mark that the Two Gorges Dam has just collapsed, and expresses concern over the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant, explaining it wasn't built to handle a flood so large. Time being of the essence, Paul asks Mark to take the car to get a headstart and reach the powerplant before a helicopter arrives to take the remaining NCG staff to the power plant. He also gives Mark an upgraded flashlight and a radio to remain in contact.

Mark also has the chance to socialize with his co-workers. Carla and Amit comment that the Two Gorges Dam was in poor shape, and found several corruption documents and a tape left by Alex Hartman about how Jeff Walter 'betrayed him', and the construction of the NPP caused problems for his company.

Steve is shown to have injured his leg in a flood door accident at Ploughwedge River, but remains in good spirits. He also comments about the many seemingly randomly placed teddybears around Stalburg, and questions to who put them there.

Mark makes his way back to the parking garage, finds his car brought back from Hammer Valley and departs once more, inbound to the Stalburg Nuclear Power Plant.


Icon Name Description
Ach lateforameeting.jpg Late for a Meeting Complete the chapter "Late for a Meeting".


  • If Mark called Osmu Olut customer service at Stalburg Steel in Act 1, a palletjack full of beer will be at the lobby of the building. Paul will comment on this and congratulates Mark on winning his sauna-beer competition by promising a small raise.