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Map Name office
BSP Name infra_c1_m1_office
Stalburg Map office
Photo Spots 0
Corruption Spots 3
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 1
Water Flow Meters 0
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The National Consulting Group (NCG) Stalburg regional office in the Alcista Building. Office is the first map in INFRA, and serves as an introduction to Mark's character and objectives throughout the game.


Mark wakes up in the NCG meeting room and is greeted by Paul Lauwens and and his co-workers, Carla, Amit, and Steve. Paul holds a briefing reviewing the corruption scandal of 2015, NCG's acquisition of deals for maintenance of Stalburg's infrastructure, and their assignment to survey these keys areas for damage. After the meeting, Mark collects his equipment from his office, descending to the lobby while witnessing some of the malfunctioning electrical equipment in the Alcista building. This also serves as an introduction to some of the game's puzzle mechanics. After picking up keys for the Hammer Valley and Bergmann tunnel area from reception, Mark exits the building via the company car in the basement carpark for Hammer Valley.


Alcista Building[edit]

The Alcista Building is a series of grouped mixed-use office buildings located in Downtown Stalburg. The National Consulting Group is headquartered in the 'A' Building of the complex, which contains a large atrium, multiple conference rooms and private offices, a sauna, a restaurant, and an underground parking garage.


Office has gone through a variety of changes throughout development, with numerous versions being created. The aesthetic of the building has been changed on multiple occasions, and the layout of the building has been changed numerous times. Early screenshots show Mark's personal office with a significantly more open design, and is shown as being directly connected to surrounding areas. The atrium area also did not exist in earlier builds, and was instead replaced by a small outdoor courtyard located on the third floor. This also resulted in the original lobby area having a much lower ceiling.


Icon Name Description
Ach preparations.jpg Preparations Complete the chapter "Preparations".
Abadcaseofthemondays.jpg A Bad Case of the Mondays At the office, jump down from the 8th or 7th floor.





  • Mark cannot use his flashlight or camera in this map, however corruption documents can still be documented by interacting with them.