National Consulting Group

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National Consulting Group
mapimage:National Consulting Group
Company National Consulting Group
Status Active
Industry Engineering
Key People Paul Lauwens
Stalburg Office Director
Markku Siltanen
Protagonist, Engineer
Amit Rahal
Steve Johnson
Carla Diethart
Locations Alcista Office Complex
Building A, Floors 7 - 12

National Consulting Group (often abbreviated as N.C.G) is a national engineering consultant company, they primarily focus in the analysis and repair of civil infrastructure and buildings. It has an unknown number of offices with a major office located in the Alcista Building, somewhere in Stalburg, acting as a headquarters for the region.

In 2016, National Consulting Group won the rights to the greater Stalburg region's repair and maintenance.

In August 2016, National Consulting Group faced heavy controversy after Paul Lauwens accidentally ordered the demolition of a late 1800s historic residential building.

Maintenance of Stalburg[edit]

In 2016, National Consulting Group was awarded the rights to the repair and maintenance of almost all civil infrastructure within the greater Stalburg area. This include critical pieces of infrastructure such as the Two Gorges Dam, Hammer Valley Dam and it's nearby to the Bergmann tunnels.

These rights were awarded through a democratic bid following the city recently emerging from a corruption scandal, in which it was found that city authorities were siphoning critical maintenance funds for their own personal need, effectively denying maintenance for several decades.


National Consulting Group faced controversy following August 2016, after it was responsible for the accidental demolition of Löfrgen's Massif, a historical late 1800s residential building. Damage to the facade was very extensive and it was found to be cheaper to replace the building than to repair it. The owners of Löfrgen's Massif have stated that they are attempting to sue National Consulting Group for damages caused.