Mikhail Rosenthal

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Mikhail Rosenthal
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Mikhail Rosenthal
Name Mikhail Rosenthal


Killed by Alex Hartman
Gender Male
Appearances None
Voiced by N/A
Company Stalburg Steel
Position CEO

Mikhail Rosenthal was the former owner and CEO of Stalburg Steel.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Much of Rosenthal's background is unknown, but Rosenthal made a reputation for himself as Stalburg Steel's owner as a savvy hard-boiled businessman that could keep his company running. In addition, Rosenthal had connections to some of Stalburg's criminal organizations, which granted him some knowledge about the S.N.W. conspiracy.

Some time in 1981, S.N.W arranged the acquisition of his company through the wealthy entrepreneur and Rosenthal's friend, Jeff Walter. They presented an "offer" to purchase Stalburg Steel, something which Rosenthal accepted. Stalburg Steel would be intentionally bankrupted by S.N.W., and framed the Union of Metal Workers cover to make it look like its bankruptcy was caused by the union strikes.

Rosenthal was unaware of the consequences selling to Walter Corporation had, and allied himself with Walter, who was looking to expose the conspiracy. Rosenthal offered his private villa to Walter as a hiding place from S.N.W operatives. In addition, he informed Walter of Alex Hartman's activities by pretending to seek vengeance on Walter for bankrupting his company.

Death[edit | edit source]

Alex Hartman somehow managed to find out Rosenthal was informing Walter, and locked him in a cage in the sewers near his hideout, where it's heavily implied he tortured Rosenthal until he revealed Walter's location. Hartman then killed Rosenthal as a loose end, believing Rosenthal knew too much about his plans.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Jeff Walter[edit | edit source]

Rosenthal considered Walter a friend, as well as possibly acted as one of his connections, sharing the same goals in exposing S.N.W. Rosenthal was close enough to Walter that he was willing to spy on the obviously unstable Alex Hartman to keep Walter informed on his schemes.