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Map Name metro
BSP Name infra_c6_m2_metro
Stalburg Map metro
Photo Spots 11
Corruption Spots 6
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 3
Geocaches 1
Water Flow Meters 0
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The Pitheath Metro Station, and the surrounding businesses within the station. This map brings the player back topside, and can see public transport workers protesting against Stalburg Mass Transit or citizens going about their day.


Prior to Mark's arrival, the Union of Metal Workers were given a malicious gift from someone who claimed to be a metal worker, laxative gummy bears. The resulting catastrophe backed up and caused the toilets to flood. Meanwhile, a member of the union's board began to investigate Stalburg Steel's decades-old bankruptcy, seeking to repair the union's reputation, and pondered if the shutdown may of actually been caused by the then owner, Walter Co.

During the events of INFRA, Mark traverse the sewer and a locked door to find himself in the union's Building. He escapes through either changing the keycard door's frequencies or a ventilation shaft. Outside the building, but still trapped in the closed station, Mark calls Paul Lauwens to update him, complaining about the hazardous shortcut and the protest outside. Paul tells Mark to hang on while he "pulls some strings", he calls Mark back and tells him a metro station worker has unlocked a door for him that leads to a maintenance tram Mark can take back to the office. Mark activates the train and rides it out of Pitheath.


Pitheath Metro Station[edit]

The Pitheath Metro Station, a station that goes along the Ampstrand Line in Stalburg. The subway itself is relatively modern, but shows recent sign of neglect due to the metro worker's union strike. Green mushrooms have also begun to sprout in a damp area of the station. Mark can withdraw money from an ATM if he chooses, and visit a closed Aziz's Döner and Kebab restaurant.

Union of Metal Workers Building[edit]

A prominent union of Stalburg, the Union of Metal Workers collected enough union dues to build a headquarters in the Pitheath Metro Station. Various things in the building are broken, the toilets are clogged due to the malicious delivery of Huribo Evil Bears, all the elevators are out of order, and the improperly wired electrical system causes interference with the keycard-locks to the doors. Furthermore, through either the city's poor water quality or neglect, all the fish in a man-made pond have died. Portraits of Mikhail Rosenthal and Silvia H. Raven can also be found here.


Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach bettersafethansorry.jpg Better Safe than Sorry Buy a metro ticket just in case.




  • The hotplate burner in the sewer takes 40 seconds to fully cool-down, attempting to cross it earlier will cause Mark to yell in pain, but take no damage.
  • Leaving the sewer manhole open, leaving the first burner off, or turning on the burner under maintenance will add to the mistake counter.