Max Koller

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Max Koller
Character of INFRA
Name Max Koller


Killed by Alex Hartman
Gender Male
Appearances None
Voiced by N/A
Position Police officer

Max Koller is a police officer in Stalburg who was leading the investigation of Jeff Walter's disappearance


Following Jeff Walter's disappearance, Koller was assigned to lead the case to find Jeff Walter's whereabouts. Unbeknownst to Koller, he was being spied on by Alex Hartman and Eric Kleinmann, who mistakenly believed Koller was Walter's police connection, and could lead them to his hideout.

At some point, Jeff Walter contacted Koller for his help to expose the S.N.W conspiracy. Walter was going to give his full account through a series of a interviews, and give Koller a list of names of key operatives in S.N.W. to publicize. On December 18th, 1986, Koller met with Walter in Rosenthal's villa to record his account through audio logs. Walter revealed that Xeander Berg provided him with detailed information about what went on in the bunker. Walter cut this interview short when he began to not feel well. The next day, they were interrupted mid-interview by Hartman and Kleinmann, who'd followed Koller to the villa. Koller attempted to disarm Alex Hartman, but was shot twice.


Max Koller is only mentioned in several documents left by Hartman and Kleinmann. It's not until Mark visits the villa, that the player finds out his fate. Mark can investigate the scene of Koller's death further, when he was shot, he fell against a table, leaving stains of his silhouette and handprints. Mysteriously, his body along with Walters is nowhere to be found.