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Character of INFRA
Name Mörkö
Status Unknown
Gender N/A
Appearances hallway
Voiced by N/A

Mörkö (meaning "boogeyman" in Finnish), is a mysterious, threatening entity seen in the tunnels below Stalburg. It and the tunnel it patrols are something of an urban legend in Stalburg.

It may be related to The Machine and Andrew Herts, but its purpose and identity are unknown.


Mörkö itself is a human shaped creature with it's unnatural physicalities being its elongated long fingers and inhuman noises. Its body and other features are indistinguishable as it's entire model is shrouded in darkness. It wears a white mask with large holes that are stained with a trail of bloody tears running down its eyes and mouth.


Mörkö's appearances are an anomaly and his purpose is left largely unexplained. Only a few notes make references to the rumors of tunnel B2 and "the underground god". In the bridge hideout in isle3, Elo drew a picture heavily resembling Mörkö's mask and a drawing of Mörkö escorting her to the underground city. The most likely theory is Mörkö is one of the seven "masked men" that guard the Machine and seek its ingredients for Raven Research.


Bergmann Water Tunnels[edit]

Mörkö in Tunnel B2.

The earliest sighting of Mörkö is the hallway map (with the Ach question.jpg Achievement).

After entering the tunnel and starting to walk into the only possible direction, the player starts to hear a distorted moan and heavy breathing echoing down the hall. After attempting to open a locked door at the end of the tunnel, Mörkö will be standing right behind Mark moving its fingers and visibly breathing.

Later on in the Bergmann power plant, a catwalk accessible by the stairs leads to a derelict building overrun with foliage. In a somewhat hidden bathroom, an unsettling mural of Mörkö can be seen.

Mural in an abandoned building.


Mörkö itself does not appear here, but there are paintings and more murals related to him made by Richard, which can be seen his room.

The first painting has a visible text reading along the circular mural, which reads as:

"Underground God is dead. We need an answer! Live!"

The second painting portrays Mörkö as it appears in stormdrain with angelic wings and a green glow in mouth and eyes.

Additionally, an etched silhouette resembling Mörkö can be seen between room G1 and G2. This is reference in the diary of the scientist who lived next to Richard. Directly behind the wall is the hidden computer room. The implications of this are unclear.


The third appearance, and the second time it can be physically seen, is in the MulEx CoPan Coffee Machine area in the map stormdrain. Upon making the "special coffee" (brown and red canisters), Mark's vision will become monochromatic and he'll see a different model of Mörkö.

In this sighting, Mörkö looks different. It shakes erratically and is missing its right arm and parts of its body look like a damaged machine. The mask's expression has changed to wince as if in pain. Additionally, its mask or face is filled with green mushrooms.


A shadow of Mörkö appears in the abandoned mines section of the powerstation2 map.

It can be seen very briefly seen as Mark approaches a dead end passage where an explorer's note is found and strange labored breathing can be heard. The shadow is created by a malfunctioning flashlight and will disappear almost immediately as the player begins to enter the tunnel. However by using console commands one can noclip through to find a semi-transparent Mörkö model that appears when a flashlight, including Marks, shines on it.



  • A common characteristic shared among all "Mörkö" models are the bloody tears that run down their face, even the one for Kevin J. Herts.