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This page lists all 'locations per map in the game.

List of locations[edit]

Screenshot Significant Locations Map Name Chapter
Act 1

Alcista Building:

  • Meeting Room
  • Mark's Office
office 1: Preparations
Reserve 1.jpg

Old Power Plant

Morning Wood Co. Shack

Top of the Hammer Valley Dam

reserve1 2: Just Another Day at Work
Reserve 2.jpg Hammer Valley Dam
Hammer Valley National Park
Hammer Valley Sawmill
reserve2 2: Just Another Day at Work
Reserve 3.jpg Entrance to the Bergmann Water Tunnels reserve3 2: Just Another Day at Work
Tunnel 1.jpg Bergmann Water Tunnels tunnel1 3: Forgotten World
Tunnel 2.jpg Pine Fell Water Plant tunnel2 3: Forgotten World
Tunnel 3.jpg Bergmann Water Tunnels (cont.) tunnel3 3: Forgotten World
Tunnel 4.jpg Bergmann Power Plant
New Bergmann Tunnel
tunnel4 3: Forgotten World
Furnace.jpg Stalburg Steel Factory furnace 4: Heavy Industry of the Past
Tower.jpg Top of the Stalburg Steel Factory
Stalburg Steel administration building
tower 4: Heavy Industry of the Past
Water Treatment.jpg Pitheath Water Treatment Plant watertreatment 5: Fresh Water
Sewer.jpg Hackers Den
Pitheath Sludge Canal
sewer 5: Fresh Water
Sewer 2.jpg Control Room sewer2 5: Fresh Water
Act 2
Sewer 3.jpg Extended Sewer sewer3 6: Public Transport
Metro.jpg Pitheath Metro Station metro 6: Public Transport
Metro Ride.jpg Metro Tunnels metroride 6: Public Transport
Water Plant.jpg Stalburg Central Waterplant waterplant 6: Public Transport
Minitrain.jpg Minitrain Tunnels minitrain 6: Public Transport
Central.jpg Central Metro Station central 6: Public Transport
Service Tunnel.jpg Service Tunnels servicetunnel 7: Working Overtime
Skyscraper.jpg Walter Tower skyscraper 7: Working Overtime
Bunker.jpg SNW Bunker bunker 7: Working Overtime
Stormdrain.jpg Storm Drain stormdrain 7: Working Overtime
Cistern.jpg West Stalburg Runoff System cistern 7: Working Overtime
Powerstation.jpg Coal Fired Power Station powerstation 7: Working Overtime
Act 3
Powerstation2.jpg Destroyed Power Station powerstation2 8: Late for a Meeting
Isle1.jpg Castle Rock Bridge isle1 8: Late for a Meeting
Isle2.jpg Castle Rock isle2 8: Late for a Meeting
Isle3.jpg Castle Rock Drawbridge isle3 8: Late for a Meeting
Business.jpg Point Elias (Business District) business 8: Late for a Meeting
Business2.jpg Point Elias Metro Station business2 8: Late for a Meeting
Officeblackout.jpg Alcista Building:
  • Blackout Meeting
officeblackout 8: Late for a Meeting
Rails.jpg Turnip Hill Entrance rails 9: To Save a City
Tenements.jpg Turnip Hill Tenements tenements 9: To Save a City
River.jpg River river 9: To Save a City
Villa.jpg Rosenthal's Villa villa 9: To Save a City
Field.jpg Wheat Fields field 9: To Save a City
NPP.jpg Blackrock Nuclear Power Plant npp 10: Redemption
Reactor.jpg Unit 1 Reactor Building reactor 10: Redemption
Roof.jpg Reactor Building Roof roof 10: Redemption
200x200px Bad Ending, Turnip Hill Tenement ending_1 11: Epilogue
200x200px Good Ending, Mark's House ending_2 11: Epilogue
200x200px Really Bad Ending, Finland ending_3 11: Epilogue
Easter Eggs
B2 Tunnel hallway 3: Forgotten World
Wasteland wasteland 8: Late for a Meeting
NW city_gates 9: To Save a City


  • There is a fourth playable Easter egg map titled "binary" which can only be loaded up with the console commands. The map features a tube with binary codes all around it. The ambient color of the tube changes from green to white, purple, orange and red. Death occurs instantly when going the wrong way at the start or when moving when the walls are red. After walking a while, a twitching human-shaped monster appears and death occurs, then the map restart.