Kevin J. Herts

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Kevin J. Herts
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Kevin J. Herts
Name Kevin J. Herts
Status Vegetative (SMV)
Gender Male
Appearances tenements
Family Elo
Andrew Herts
Voiced by N/A

Kevin J. Herts is the father of Elo, and a character who studied and became infected with S.M.V. and attempted to investigate the work of his father, Andrew Herts.


Kevin had an apartment in Turnip Hill where he kept his notes on S.M.V., as well as several samples of blue mushrooms. Presumably he came here with his daughter Elo, and family to escape some group pursuing them.

He wrote the book "The Legend of the Stalburg Underground". A set of notes in his apartment explains how he seemed to be attempting to find out what his father was doing, who became somewhat infamous for creating "The Machine". During these studies, Kevin managed to gather a lot of information about S.M.V. that was discovered by a woman attempting to help Kevin's family reach the underground city.

In Turnip Hill, Kevin's body can be located after finding the passcode to his apartment from the elevator hideout. Disturbingly, despite being unresponsive, he's still alive in a late-stage of S.M.V. infection, and can only slightly squirm. His head and face are covered in green mushrooms and is unnaturally dented, and his natural dark-skin has become discolored.

There's a thick layer of dirt in the room he's in, growing even more green mushrooms, as well as several barrels of "liquid gypsum" (a soil cleanser). Since the barrels were moved in here for a single purpose, it's possible Kevin's conversion was intentional.


  • Interestingly, Kevin shares several similar traits with Mörkö, mainly bloody tear stains running down his face, as well as oddly misshappen fingers (Although the latter cannot be seen without noclipping into the room his body is in.) Kevin's model is also named "morko_003".
  • A note in Elo's hideout underneath the Castle Rock Bridge says Kevin visited Stalburg Steel at some point.