Jeff Walter

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Jeff Walter
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Jeff Walter
Name Jeff Walter
Status Deceased
(Killed by Alex Hartman
Gender Male
Appearances None
Family Anna Walter
Voiced by John Cavanagh
Company Walter Corporation
Position CEO

Jeff Walter was a wealthy entrepreneur whose character is pivotal in the events prior to INFRA.


Jeff Walter was born in Stalburg in 1922. After Stalburg's destruction from multiple bombings during World War II, Jeff Walter saw potential in the city and was determined to bring it back to it's former glory. Founding the Walter Corporation, Walter hired the city's unemployed and homeless to build entire districts along with affordable housing, huge factories, hundreds of kilometers of road and other vital infrastructure. Walter practically rebuilt the whole city from next to nothing. For his benevolent deeds, he was idolized and well known for his achievements. It was thanks to him, Stalburg's future seemed bright as ever.

However, a secretive corrupt military organization, S.N.W, saw Jeff Walter and his corporation as a means to develop and sell weapons of war, and manipulated Walter into handing over control of his company under the guise of creating a nuclear deterrent.

The Walter Corporation, under control of S.N.W, bankrupted many companies critical to Stalburg's economy and infrastructure, causing unemployment rates to skyrocket and leaving the maintenance of many key structures unattended. Walter became aware of these events, and went into hiding to find a way to reveal the conspiracy, vanishing to the public eye. Out of luck, he managed to meet Xeander Berg, the lead scientist who escaped from a bunker for developing S.N.W's nuclear weapons and co-founder of the Bergmann Group. Berg proved to be more than an asset, and revealed to Walter what was going on inside the bunker, as well as write a list of names of key operatives in the S.N.W project. To publicize this, Walter arranged a meeting with Max Koller, a police officer in charge of investigating Walter's disappearance. Their subsequent meeting and interviews however, were interrupted by Alex Hartman, whose misguided crusade against Walter resulted in Walter's death.


The specifics of how Jeff Walter died is unclear, while doing an interview with Max Koller in Rosenthal's villa, Alex Hartman interrupted the interview and ended up shooting Koller. Afterwards, Walter presumably tried to get his gun from a hidden cabinet, but was shot by Hartman before he could do so, or possibly used it on himself. Hartman's reaction of "Why did you do that? This wasn't supposed to happen..." supports this theory.


Alex Hartman[edit]

Hartman absolutely hated Walter, and erroneously blamed his company's negligence as the reason his wife and child died, holding Walter personally responsible for the city falling apart. Walter was aware that Hammer Valley Hydro went bankrupt, but was unaware of the extent of Hartman's hatred towards him, and couldn't negotiate with the obviously unstable man.

Max Koller[edit]

Walter presumably arranged a meeting with Koller to publicize information about S.N.W, who at the time was still investigating Walter's disappearance. Koller was patient with Walter in the two separate interviews he conducted, and attempted to defend Walter when threatened by Alex Hartman. Walter was prepared to entrust Koller with the list of S.N.W key operatives, proving the two trusted each other. Hartman speculated that Koller was working for Walter as his connection to Stalburg's police department, but whether or not this is true is unclear.

Mikhail Rosenthal[edit]

The extent of Walter's relationship with Rosenthal is unknown, however, Rosenthal was very loyal to Walter, possibly in efforts to take down S.N.W, Rosenthal let Walter live inside his private villa, and assisted him in monitoring Alex Hartman to make sure he didn't interfere with Walter's goals.

Xeander Berg[edit]

Walter and Berg shared a similar goal in exposing S.N.W, and managed to compile condemning information against them through Berg's insider information and Walter's connections. When Berg began to show symptoms of SMV, Walter provided a place for him to hide in Castle Rock Island, and wrote a final unsent letter to him to thank him for everything he's done, and asks if he would want to meet with Eric Kleinmann.


  • In the villa, Walter's player model can be found in a room on the top floor with the lights on. He is sitting in a chair next to his desk. However, this room is not accessible without noclip so it is most likely cut content or an easter egg.