Hammer Valley Hydro

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Hammer Valley Hydro
mapimage:Hammer Valley Hydro
Company Hammer Valley Hydro
Status Defunct
Subsidary of
Walter Corporation
Industry Hydroelectricity
Key People Alex Hartman

Hammer Valley Hydro is a hydroelectric power company managed by Alex Hartman, later acquired and subsequently bankrupted by the Walter Corporation.


Hammer Valley Hydro was a company responsible for Stalburg's clean energy production and maintenance of its hydroelectric dams. The Hammer Valley Dam and later, the Two Gorges Dam.

Following the construction of the Two Gorges Dam however, the company started to face financial issues from the expenses posed by the new dam. Furthermore, Stalburg Steel, one of Hammer Valley Hydro's major clients, went bankrupt, shrinking Hammer Valley Hydro's revenue stream to almost nothing. With no other option, Hartman had to sell the company. Initially, he was going to sell it to someone who could of possibly saved the company, but he backed out at the last minute for unknown reasons. Walter was forced to sell the company to the only buyer, the Walter Corporation.

Hartman was hesitant to do so, aware that Jeff Walter was already infamous after bankrupting Stalburg Steel and the Bergmann Group, but did so to at least get something from the acquisition. The subsequent chain of events however, led to incredibly unsafe living conditions and somehow the death of Hartman's wife and child. Hartman became incredibly unstable and paranoid after this, ordering the doors to the control room of the dam to be remotely locked and ordered security at the dam to inspect people's lunchboxes. Six months after the acquisition, on June 14th, 1982, Hammer Valley Hydro filed for bankruptcy. The repercussions of this caused unemployment and caused concern among city officials over the future of Stalburg's energy production. Hartman developed a deep hatred for Jeff Walter, holding him personally responsible for Walter Co.'s actions.

Unbeknownst to Hartman, Walter Co. was secretly under the management of S.N.W., who intentionally mismanaged the company and forced its bankruptcy to eliminate the company as a competitor to AtomCraft (presumably one of S.N.W.'s companies/investments), and to sever its connections to the Bergmann Group, maintaining several other powerplants in the Bergmann tunnels. S.N.W. also took advantage of the Hammer Valley Dam's grid connection as an alternate power source for the bunker while it was still in use, but soon disregarded maintenance of the Hammer Valley Dam following the bunker's closure. The dam fell into disrepair and flooded due to extensive neglect, creating a major crack on the side of the dam.

After bankruptcy and total abandonment, Hartman was occasionally spotted entering the dam by employees at the Hammer Valley sawmill. Hartman used the dam as a temporary base of operations to gather information against Jeff Walter, but later relocated to a small office in Stalburg's sewer system, leaving the dam completely abandoned.


During the events of INFRA, Mark surveys the dam and partially restores power to several wings in order to progress. Mark can optionally connect the dam back to grid, doing this allows him to access the main hall in the bunker in Chapter 7.


  • Alex Hartman - CEO
  • Katelyn - Secretary
  • Emil - Employee
  • Simon - Employee



  • The extent of how Hammer Valley Hydro's bankruptcy led to the death of many, including Hartman's wife and child is unknown. It's possible Hartman is referring to the metro accident.