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Map Name furnace
BSP Name infra_c4_m2_furnace
Stalburg Map furnace
Photo Spots 3
Corruption Spots 5
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 0
Water Flow Meters 0
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The map contains the entirety of the Stalburg Steel factory. Mark must pass through it to get to a cellular transceiver at the top of the factory. The building is derelict and no longer in use, so it does not have to be photographed for structural faults, however Mark can still use the camera to photograph anything of interest.


Stalburg Steel was a major employer for Stalburg, and a great economic power. At some point the company founder, Mikhail Rosenthal was bought out by Walter Co. The new management drove the company into immediate economic turmoil, and the workers for the factory over time became dissatisfied with the working conditions. Sometime before October 1981, Stalburg Steel had gone through layoffs due to economic hardship. Over time, restlessness grew among the remaining employees, and a worker's union organized a strike. Walter Co. used this strike as a cover-up to cease operations of the factory. The company's shutdown caused massive unemployment in Stalburg, and strained the city's budget and economy. Over the years, the factory deteriorated and saw structural damage everywhere. After an unknown amount of time, squatters began to inhabit the factory for shelter, and someone even setup a small residence to farm mushrooms.

Having finished his inspection of the Bergmann tunnels, Mark attempts to call his office to let them know where he is, but can't get any reception. Spotting a nearby cell transceiver, Mark goes through the factory in attempt to get to the transceiver. After finding a way deeper into the factory, Mark accidentally activates a malfunctioning blast furnace, causing a large fire in the factory, but manages to hit the emergency stop before any more damage is done. Mark then locates and rides a functioning elevator that will take him up to the cell transceiver tower.



The factory itself has been abandoned for decades, and has fallen into a state of terrific disrepair. It had a cellular tower atop of one of the towers, and even that had recently ceased to function, unknown to anyone except for Mark and a squatter living in a locked-off area. The factory is still partially operational, with large machinery like a crane, ladle, and minitrains still powered and movable with some work.

Mushroom Farm[edit]

The mushroom farm is an optional area of the factory. It's a small room locked behind a damaged fence, filled with modern electronics, a bathroom with working plumbing, and a small mushroom farm. The mushrooms cultivated there are harmless. The owner of the farm is responsible for making traversing the factory difficult for the homeless population, having moved the crane to block access to the upper levels and broke several buttons. The resident's tablet shows an IRC chatroom, where several members discuss an attack by hackers on the NCG's servers.




NOTE: There may be skipped maps due to the limited amount of collectibles in the area.