Eric Kleinmann

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Eric Kleinmann
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Eric Kleinmann
Name Eric Kleinmann
Status Deceased (Suicide/SMV)
Gender Male
Appearances None
Family Edward Kleinmann
Voiced by N/A
Company Bergmann Group
Position Co-founder

Eric Kleinmann was a German businessman and co-founder of the Bergmann Group.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before meeting Xeander Berg, Kleinmann was the heir to his father's construction company, "Kleinmann Bauausführung". He met Kleinmann in an International Exposition in Brussels and they shared the same ideas about constructions and buildings. From that day on, the company was renamed and the Bergmann Group was born. Under their leadership, the Bergmann Group constructed most of Stalburg's underground infrastructure, and the company was very successful, and the two co-founders became close friends.

Everything changed when Xeander Berg was recruited and forced to stay to secretly oversee the construction of nuclear weapons in an underground bunker for S.N.W. To the public eye, Xeander Berg simply vanished, causing Kleinmann to become anxious and unable to return investments the Bergmann Group made on R&D. The company went bankrupt, and Kleinmann became "a broken man". Kleinmann was approached by Alex Hartman, who had evidence to convince him that Berg was kidnapped to work on a secret project, and put the blame on Jeff Walter. Kleinmann provided Hartman with dynamite from one of his abandoned tunnel excavation sites, and had someone follow a possible lead to Walter, Max Koller. Through stalking Koller or Hartman extracting information from Mikhail Rosenthal, they found Walter's location.

When he and Hartman confronted Walter in Rosenthal's villa, Kleinmann demanded to know where Berg was. Walter obliged by giving him a written address, and began to explain his condition until Hartman cut him off and dismissed Kleinmann, who promptly left for Castle Rock Island to find Berg. What he found however, was Berg's deceased/vegetative body from S.M.V. Stricken with grief, Kleinmann possibly mercy-killed Berg and held his hand before killing himself.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Xeander Berg[edit | edit source]

Berg was Kleinmann's business partner and close friend. When Berg disappeared, Kleinmann became unstable and made hasty decisions which created a bad reputation for the Bergmann Group, eventually going bankrupt and leaving Kleinmann broken. When confronting Walter, Kleinmann's first question was about Berg's location, showing how deeply he cared for Berg's well-being.

Alex Hartman[edit | edit source]

Hartman allied himself with Kleinmann to exact his revenge against Jeff Walter, Kleinmann however, seemed more interested in finding out what happened to Xeander Berg, but believed Hartman nonetheless and ascertained finding Walter would lead him to Berg. Kleinmann followed Hartman's instructions and provided him with dynamite from the abandoned tunnel construction sites, and was present with Hartman when they confronted Jeff Walter in Mikhail Rosenthal's villa.