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One of the three possible epilogues to INFRA. This is the "good" ending, as Mark took enough pictures to release a grand study on Stalburg's infrastructure, and uncovered enough corruption evidence to have corrupt government officials arrested for treason.

Mark will awaken in his personal vacation home to take a call from Paul Laurwens, who asks how he's enjoying his vacation, and asks if he would be interested in a job to investigate Whiprock Island, a former prison and its surroundings. Mark says he'll consider it, and Paul tells him to enjoy the rest of his vacation, praising his role in saving Stalburg.


To achieve this ending, you must have a high corruption evidence and photography score (50% of all spots for each Act). As well as repair the pumps and disengaged the reactor in the Blackrock Nuclear Power Plant.


Depending on how many optional tasks Mark completed, emails on his computer, as well as the Stalburg Times newspaper about the state of Stalburg will change.

  • If Mark saved Robin in the Coal-Fired Powerstation, and helped Rob construct a gift in Turnip Hill: An email from Rob talks about the coffee maker he made with Robin that they sent to Mark. He's confident that he can keep on eye on Robin so he doesn't break anything. Rob also says they'll be starting their own repair company, and thanks Mark for everything he's done.
  • If Mark freed Carla and Amit from in the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant: An email from Carla will apologize for being rude to Mark and admit she has some problems.
  • If Mark uncovered 90% corruption in every Act: An encrypted email from Raven Research will genuinely thank Mark for his efforts revealing the S.N.W conspiracy, saying they'll protect his identity, as well as offer him a job in finding more information about the S.N.W and S.M.V projects, confiding in Mark that the virus is still being developed, and they're dedicated to stop it.
  • If Mark accessed the S.N.W control room: An email from Paul Lauwrens apologies for the deception on the real reasons he wanted Mark to photograph documents. He confessed to everyone else at the office, and was allowed to keep his job as director. Paul also admits he was expecting something to happen to him once the S.N.W documents were published, but remarks that S.N.W may want to keep a low profile.
  • If Mark repaired all three of the water treatment plants: An article from Stalburg Times will reveal that in wake of the study published by NCG, the CEO of Stalburg Water, Roman Banis was fired, and the new director, Elena Farkas, a former professor from the Stalburg Technological Institute is far more qualified and taking issues with the infrastructure of Stalburg Water and its unqualified employees seriously. The quality of potable water in Stalburg is now within the safety margin.

The Stalburg News Channel will review the collapse of the Two Gorges Dam and the Bergmann tunnels. Maintenance and repair of the tunnels will be conducted by NGC from now on. Additionally, Osmo Olut purchased Walter Tower to turn it into their new headquarters, and the company is experiencing a great amount of success.

  • If Mark photographed the crashed metro train and bodies of the metro passengers: Stalburg News will reveal the existence of the bunker and real fate of the missing metro passengers, causing S.N.W to face a heavy independent investigation.

(Additionally, if Mark retrieved the list of key S.N.W operatives from the villa: The news report will follow up with the associated operatives were relieved from duty and face trial for treason.)

  • If Mark viewed Jeff Walter's videotape in the Walter Tower: The news will publicize that Jeff Walter was being manipulated by the government at the time of his company's questionable actions.

The news report will go on to say that in wake of the new corruption scandal being revealed, Stalburg's Mayor Altmeyer has resigned in face of the accusations.


Icon Name Description
Ach windsofchange.jpg Winds of Change Complete INFRA.



Although they serve no purpose for the story, completing several achievements will have various objects appear around the house as trophies.

  • A diploma from the "Beer Master" for completing "Beer Master" in servicetunnel.
  • The blue duck and a note from "Duck" for completing "Quack" in tenements.
  • The fake passport and forged passport from Passmore in rails and tenements.
  • A coffee maker from Rob that can serve one cup of coffee before breaking, rewarded by saving Robin and helping Rob.