Elo Bloomer

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Elo Bloomer
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Elo Bloomer
Name Elo Bloomer
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Appearances None
Family Kevin J. Herts
Ken Bloomer
Anna Bloomer
Lumi Bloomer
Voiced by N/A

Elo is a little girl who is attempting to escape with her family from a mysterious group that's involved in the game's ulterior lore.


Elo and her family (aside from Kevin J. Herts) are never encountered, but their presence in Stalburg is evidenced by out of place dens they previously inhabited. Elo's drawings portray herself as a very young girl in a red dress.

Her first hideout is inside the maintenance area inside of the Castle Rock Bridge near the start of isle3. There are drawings present here suggest that she was, or wanted to be led city gates by Mörkö. A document was addressed to Elo in the bridge hideout from someone from her family warns her to not trust "guys with white masks". This description matches the appearance of followers of Stalburg Underground cult and gives some further insight into her family.

The second hideout is at the top floor of the first building in tenements, by riding the elevator above the top floor, there's a hidden crawlspace where it's evident two people were living. Here another note from one of Elo's family members can be found expressing concern about someone helping them get into the fabled underground city. Following up on this note in Kevin Hert's apartment reveals that Elo was infected with SMV, but was cured through use of medicinal blue mushrooms. What happened to them afterwords is unknown.

A cleaned up version of the scribbled-over note in isle3.

Paper a4 001 skin23 CLEAN.png

The original note was vandalized by someone to only make the following text visible.

Elo, trust masks.
Life's a lie!
You['re] lost.