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These are the rules for a friendly community on the INFRA Discord.

1. Don't be a dick to other people / attempt to insult them intentionally or say something offensive towards them.

2. This is a non-NSFMH (not safe for mental health) server. Do not post any NSFMH content, full stop. Any pictures, links, or files sent containing pornographic, illegal or other content that is not safe for work will be banned for a length of server staff's discretion.

3. Do not post any private or confidential personal information about anyone without their consent. Additionally, this may be illegal in your jurisdiction.

4. Do not spam or "shitpost"/"memepost" outside of the designated off-topic channel.

5. Do not use the @everyone or @here mentions without consent from a staff member. This could cause major disruption server-wide, and is only intended for announcements.

6. Do not advertise anything, including other servers, without senior staff consent. This includes other Discord servers. This also includes advertising over private messaging.

7. Basic internet etiquette applies. Please do not excessively use CAPITAL LETTERS, and essentially just use common sense when talking.

8. Please only post inside of the designated / relevant channel. An example would to not go looking for mapping help in #wiki.

The action taken by server staff is of their own discretion and will be proportional to the severity of the infraction. This can range from a warning to a permanent ban. Most of these rules are common sense.